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With Federal Government Shutdown a Possibility, League Engaged with Lawmakers


Your League is carefully monitoring the situation in Washington and engaging with lawmakers as Congress nears the first of two deadlines to agree on appropriations bills for 2024. We continue to make the point that a shutdown will harm credit union members, the regional economy, and credit unions themselves.

Following weeks of negotiations, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) announced Sunday that they had $1.66 trillion funding deal, which was met immediately with opposition from some Republican members of Congress. 

“Virginia-based credit unions serve the financial needs of thousands of federal workers and their families, as well as government contractors. We understand the financial hardships that will be faced by members affected by the shutdown, and credit unions are proudly putting our service-focused philosophy to work by offering a variety of assistance programs,” said Virginia Credit Union League President/CEO Carrie Hunt.

Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia are home to more than 400,000 civilian federal employees, meaning the impact of a shutdown on regional credit unions stands to be significant.

Though the deal between Schumer and Johnson represents a crucial first step, lawmakers must now agree on how much funding each government agency is set to receive, further delaying appropriators’ ability to write compromise legislation and increasing the likelihood of a partial government shutdown on Jan. 19, the first key deadline. If Congress is unable to move appropriation bills through both chambers by Feb. 2, a full government shutdown will take place.

We were, of course, in a similar situation in September, with the threat of a shutdown looming. The threat of a government shutdown was a key topic of discussion during our Legislative Receptions this summer and during recent Hike The Hill events. We also sent letters to every member of the Virginia Congressional Delegation, asking that they work to avoid a shutdown.

How are you planning to help members?

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