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State Legislative Issues

While most of the laws and regulations that impact credit union operations are federal in nature, state law and regulation do play important roles, as well. Each year, your League tracks and monitors dozens of bills and proposals that have the potential to impact your credit union and its members.

In fact, many state legislatures, including the Virginia General Assembly, now wrestle with legislative issues more often thought of as federal issues, including consumer privacy protections and data breaches.

That's why your League remains ever-vigilant in monitoring issues at the state level and in working to shape a legislative and regulatory environment that empowers credit unions to thrive.

Virginia General Assembly

Learn more about the state legislature.

Meet Your Lawmaker

Summary of 2020 General Assembly Bills

A detailed summary of the new laws taking effect in Commonwealth on July 1, 2020. We also provide a brief analysis of how the new laws will affect credit unions and their operations. 

Click here for the summary (Word document, 41kB)

Summary of 2019 General Assembly Bills

Recently, we outlined key changes in state law affecting credit unions and their operations in three areas: Combating Financial Exploitation & Elder Abuse, Virginia Uniform Transfer to Minors Act and Decedent Accounts.

Hunton Andrews Kurth has prepared a detailed summary of those new laws, as well as an overview of other legislation of interest to credit unions from this year's General Assembly session.

Click here for the summary (PDF, 310kB)







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