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Emerging Professionals Network

The Emerging Professionals Network (or EPN) is a network of like-minded credit union professionals and volunteers from across Virginia. Our mission is to attract, develop and retain top talent within Virginia's credit union system by connecting, empowering and engaging emerging professionals. Members of the EPN share a common passion for the credit union industry, professional success and growth, and providing continuous value to their credit unions.

Contact Matthew Hares or Mary Amyx for details.

Opportunities Through the EPN

EMERGE Conference

Our premier event for emerging professionals! The conference offers professionals the opportunity to meet peers and gain core skills that will not only help them in any career, but make them more productive, more promotable and more invested in your credit union’s success!

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EMERGE Certification

Fostering a productive and employee-focused workplace is a critical component of your credit union’s success. Your League is offering a certification program designed to help your employees …

  • Gain insights into their individual talents, motivations and potential.
  • Build a foundational knowledgebase related to leadership and communication.
  • Develop an inclusive mindset that understands the critical roles of diversity and belonging in today’s business world.
  • Acquire a deeper understanding of the financial services and credit union industries, including financials and key ratios.
  • Grow and expand their understanding of the essential workplace skillset, including coaching skills and accountability; team-building dynamics and achieving better synergy in groups; the development of a strategic mindset; leading and managing organizational innovation and change; effective decision-making; and improving one’s leadership and management style.

The certification program consists of five core “modules” of training and educational sessions – the multi-day EMERGE Conference and four single-day events. Each event is offered annually. You need only complete each of the five “modules” within a two-year period.

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Schedule for EMERGE Certification (2023-2024 Programming) 

June 25-27, 2024 - MODULE 1: Information and for the EMERGE Conference is available here: vaculemerge.org

September 2024 - MODULE 2: Overview of Credit Union System, Philosophy, Understanding Financials/Key Ratios, and Legislative Advocacy. Gain an understanding of what makes credit unions tick and our role in the financial services marketplace, including the financials that drive our success, the philosophy on which our industry was built, and the obligation each of us has in advocating for credit unions. Location: Credit Union House of Virginia - Richmond

November 2024 - MODULE 3: Leadership and Communication Styles (includes a leadership personality assessment facilitated by a professional). We’ll focus on leadership, highlighting authentic leadership and how best to use our personal strengths in the workplace. Participants will complete the Working Genius assessment, after which we’ll review how that assessment applies to individual and team performance. Location: Credit Union House of Virginia - Richmond

February 15, 2024 - MODULE 4: Cultivating Employee Engagement and Inclusion. We’ll examine the importance of fostering an inclusive mindset in the workplace and how that helps us grow as individuals and support others. An inclusive, engaged environment improves our ability to recruit and retain top talent; aids us in navigating conflict; and fosters innovative, high-performing and highly productive organizations. Location: Credit Union House of Virginia - Richmond

May 1, 2024 - MODULE 5 (Note - While this module will be repeated next year, you're welcome to start here on your certification journey!): Leading Strategically and Communicating with Impact. The leader is the key to the success of any team. The leader shapes the culture, focus, and direction of the team and sets the expectations. The performance of any team is the direct result of the effectiveness of its leader. Leaders will learn how to shape employee mindsets, develop effective behaviors, coach to skills, and improve results through coaching and accountability. Location: May 2024 Location: InterContinental - The Wharf, Washington, DC


  • $750 includes the EMERGE conference and all 4 additional modules. Complete all five modules in a two-year period and earn an EMERGE Certification. Note: All five modules (including the EMERGE Conference) are offered annually.
  • If you prefer, we offer modules 2-5 at $200 on an a la carte basis. The EMERGE Conference is currently priced at $375, though credit unions registering more than one individual can take advantage of a discount offer on all registrations after the first.

Register for EMERGE Certification


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