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League Staff Directory

Rick Pillow
800.768.3344 x601

CeJae Vtipilson
Executive Assistant / Credit Union House Manager
800.768.3344 x602


Cathy Baldwin
Administrative Assistant
800.768.3344 x615

Tim Hesson
Senior Management & Operations Specialist
800.768.3344 x667

David Miles
Senior Vice President, Chief Advocacy / Regulatory Office
800.768.3344 x608

Debra Scott 
Administrative Assistant
800.768.3344 x614

Brian Walden
Manager of Information Technology
800.768.3344 x627

Kathy Smith
Director of Human Resources & Accounting
800.768.3344 x623

R.B. Martin
Vice President Chief Financial Officer
800.768.3344 x606

Mary Amyx
Director of Professional Development & Cooperative Initiatives
800.768.3344 x630

Nicole Widell 
Vice President / Chief Engagement Officer
800.768.3344 x604

Lewis Wood
Vice President, Public Relations & Communications
800.768.3344, x629

Terry Childress 
Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
800.768.3344 x605

David Deacon 
Vice President, League Service Corporation
800.768.3344 x634

Karima Freeman 
Supervisor of Branch Accounting
800.768.3344 x622

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