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League Committees, Groups & Task Forces

Credit union professionals who serve on our collaborative groups, including our various committees, councils and networking organizations, play a significant role in our success. We are in the process of retooling many of these opportunities!

Interested in Serving on a League Committee?

The League Board is accepting nominations for our working committees! Interested in serving? Complete the nomination form here.

StateWide Advocacy Council (SWAC)

SWAC is composed of credit union representatives from the four regions across the Commonwealth. Council members coordinate grassroot support, including events such as Hike the Hill; establish VACUPAC goals for each credit union and coordinate fundraising efforts; and create activities for legislators to showcase the "Credit Union Difference."

Jeff Long Apple FCU
Jeff Margeson Northwest FCU
Craig Zuidema BayPort CU
Phil Richards Chartway CU
Chris Michael Member One FCU
Chris Anuswith ABNB FCU
Elizabeth McNeal Parkview FCU
RoseMary O'Steen Argent CU
Heather Minestreet Peoples Advantage FCU
Jeff Bentley (VACUL Board Liaison) Northwest FCU
CeJae Vtipilson (League Staff Liaison) Virginia Credit Union League
JT Blau (League Staff Liaison) Virginia Credit Union League

Emerging Professionals Network

The Emerging Professionals Network (or EPN) is a network of like-minded credit union professionals and volunteers from across Virginia. Our mission is to attract, develop and retain young talent within Virginia's credit union system by connecting, empowering and engaging young professionals. Members of the EPN share a common passion for the credit union industry, professional success and growth, and providing continuous value to their credit unions.

Cedric Claude Virginia CU
Heather Farrar DuPont Community CU
Diane Flowers MemberOne FCU
Jen Fox NextMark CU
Amy Mallinson Beach Municipal FCU
Marc Odom ABNB FCU
Trent Saflin Northwest FCU
Juan Sanmartin Henrico FCU
Danielle Kennett ValleyStar CU
Justin Platt UVA Community CU
Matthew Hares (VACUL Staff Liaison) Virginia Credit Union League
Mary Amyx (VACUL Staff Liaison) Virginia Credit Union League

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee will meet regularly and discuss and recommend policy positions to the League Board of Directors on issues that impact credit unions at both the state and federal levels. The Policy Committee, with assistance from League staff, will seek feedback from member credit unions when formulating policy for the League. The members of the Policy Committee will also seek feedback through appropriate channels within their credit union, in addition to giving their own expertise, to ensure that they are representing the viewpoint of the credit union leadership.

Jennifer Yocke Henrico FCU
Woody Windley Roanoke Valley Community FCU
Jim Wilmot Arlington Community FCU
Kristin Schultz Spectra CU
Chris Saneda Virginia CU
Tim Rowe MemberOne FCU
Mark Robnett Justice FCU
Geri Metzger Beach Municipal FCU
Pat McNichol Navy FCU
Owen McKinnie First NRV FCU
Greg McConville Beacon CU
Cheryl Doss URW Community FCU
Sharon Conti Virginia Educators CU
Jamie Asciolla Argent CU
Paul Muse (League Liaison) 1st Advantage FCU
JT Blau (League Staff Liaison) Virginia Credit Union League

Financial Well-Being for All Committee

The Committee's purpose is to aid credit unions in living the "Credit Union Difference.”  The Committee will seek to assist credit unions in addressing financial participation, education and inclusion for both the broader population and the more financially vulnerable members of our communities, through initiatives and programs designed to improve households' financial outcomes. The Committee will also seek to leverage its initiatives and knowledge gained from credit unions to advocate for the industry and educate policymakers about credit unions' efforts to improve financial outcomes for our members and the communities we serve.

Belinda Aboagye BayPort CU
Kimberly Allen Baylands Family CU
Cherry Dale Virginia CU
Jerome Fowlkes Langley FCU
Fred Hayes Baylands Family CU
Sarah Landrum DuPont Community CU
Katie Knight Apple FCU
Lauren Polen TopSide FCU
Silvia Riggins Homebase CU
Cassandra Riggins UVA Community CU
Adam Riggleman Park View FCU
LauRae Upchurch CommonWealth One FCU
Rachael Williams ValleyStar CU
Amanda Wilson Homebase CU
Mary Amyx (League Staff Liaison) Virginia Credit Union League

Credit Union Growth Committee

The financial landscape is ever-changing and competition has never been more fierce. The Credit Union Growth Committee will address credit unions' opportunities and challenges across a broad spectrum, including lending, marketing, business development, technology, demographics, the competitive landscape, strategic business partnerships (including fintechs) and small credit union issues. An important focus for the Committee will be delivering timely, relevant educational opportunities and resources to credit unions.

Brandize Braxton Credit Union of Richmond
Jim Eads The United Methodist CU
Lisa Gilliam DuPont Community CU
Fred Hayes Baylands Family CU
Randa Monroe TopSide FCU
Melissa Judy Apple FCU
Pam Lease Bronco FCU
Sarah Marks Homebase CU
Amber Mooney TruEnergy FCU
Kris Morelli Dominion CU
Chris Nunnaly RVA Financial FCU
Emmanuel Obe CommonWealth One FCU
Stephanie Potter ValleyStar CU
Joseph Raichel UVA Community CU
Bill Susewind Beach Municipal FCU
Janine Williams (VACUL Board Liaison) UVA Community CU
David Deacon (VACUL Staff Liaison) Virginia Credit Union League

Audit Committee

This committee reviews the audit report and reports to our Board of Directors.

Sharon Conti Viriginia Educators CU
Allan Davidson Kemba FCU
Ricky McCormick Argent CU
Karen Orie Hampton Roads Educators CU
Lewis Smith BayPort CU
Simuel Young NextMark CU
Bruce Six (League Board Liaison) Topside FCU
Karima Freeman (League Staff Liaison) Virginia Credit Union League

Governance Committee

This committee seeks recommendations for nominations to the Board of Directors.

Bill Hawkins (Chairman) Healthcare Systems FCU
Katrina Hayes-Peerman Virginia State University FCU
Dean Marshall Celco FCU
Jeff Thompson Blue Eagle CU
John West Call FCU
Chris Williams (League Board Liaison) Henrico FCU
Lewis Wood (League Staff Liaison) Virginia Credit Union League

Estonia Partnership Committee

This Committee helps the Baltic nation of Estonia revive its credit cooperative movement and aid their efforts to become independent, competitive financial institutions.

Juri Valdov Northwest FCU
Joe Thomas (League Board Liaison) NextMark CU
Carrie Hunt (League Staff Liaison) Virginia Credit Union League


In addition to our own committees, we also help support the work of regional chapters, groups of credit unions who have joined together to support our advocacy work, offer educational and networking opportunities and engage in community-based projects, including charitable fundraising.

  • Piedmont Chapter (chapter inactive owed to pandemic)
  • Richmond Chapter (chapter inactive owed to pandemic)
  • Tidewater Chapter (active)

Need help? Contact Katie Bailey.

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