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Reality Check is a two-pronged collaborative initiative. The first part of the project is a full-suite of free, brandable marketing resources that credit unions can use to promote micro-lending efforts. The marketing materials propose two micro-loans:  the Smart Size Loan (a loan of $3000 or less at origination) and the Credit Builder Loan (a small loan placed in a restrictive account for helping your member establish or repair credit). All material needed for promoting these two lending products is below.

The second (overarching) part of Reality Check is for credit unions participating in micro-lending efforts to report them back to the League so we may compile your information with other credit unions to develop a statistical snapshot of Virginia's credit union efforts to offer affordable lending alternatives to payday and title lenders.

All Reality Check Resources are free for Virginia-affiliated credit unions. We extend our thanks to the Credit Union Marketing and Business Development Council of Virginia for creating these resources. 

Reality Check Information and Reporting Resources

Reality Check Marketing Material

Smart Size Loan Logos

An alternative to high-rate pay-day lending, smart-size loans meet short-term cash needs and are $3000 (or less) at origination.

Credit Builder Loan Logos

A credit builder loan is for members who are looking to establish or repair their credit. It is a loan of $3,000 or less with loan proceeds placed in a restrictive share/savings account. Funds available as the loan is paid down and credit builds over time as payments are reported to the credit bureau(s).

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