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Financial Education Resources

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Biz Kid$ is an educational television show that teaches financial education and entrepreneurship to kids and teenagers. Virginia-specific starter sets that address all of the Commonwealth's Economics and Personal Finance Standards of Learning are available to affiliated credit unions. 

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Developed by the Foundation’s Financial Education Committee to help in the classroom, CU@School is a kindergarten through 2nd grade reading project.  The free downloadable kit is based on "Sammy's Big Dream" book, and includes lesson plan, bookmark, letter templates.  The goal of the project is to establish credit unions as a trusted resource for delivering financial education in the classroom.

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CU@School Resources


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Coordinated and conducted by members of the Foundation's Financial Education Committee, Real Money Experience workshops are held in various regions throughout Virginia to help our educators meet the state’s high school graduation requirement in Economics and Personal Finance

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Each workshop is collaboratively hosted locally by credit unions that serve the area. The workshops are conducted in collaboration with the Virginia Department of Education so educators can receive certification points for attending the workshop. Workshops have been held in Richmond, Northern Virginia, Tidewater/Hampton Roads Area, Waynesboro, Danville, and in Damascus!

We even have a free downloadable resource page for helping you to put on your own workshop.  

Teachers at a Real Money Experience Workshop

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Credit unions recognize the need for providing affordable micro-loans to members of modest means. After all, we are all about people helping people. And as your League, it's our job to showcase the ways you are doing just that. Presenting your good works to our lawmakers and our media solidifies credit unions' positive place in the (sometimes usurious) world of financial institutions.Reality Check logo

Reality Check pulls together micro-lending statistics from our credit unions for making the case. And to help you do it, there is a complete set of free resources (for marketing, promoting, and reporting your micro-lending efforts.) If your credit union can be part of this exciting initiative, check out our resources page. Once we get your Memo of Understanding, we will add you to our survey list (...and THANK YOU for making a difference!)

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Reality Check Resources

Photo of People Playing Score GameSCORE! is an interactive educational board game (for teens and adults) to demonstrate how life events and the decisions they make can influence their credit scores. The game was developed by a taskforce of Financial Educators serving on our Financial Education Committee as a portable, “unplugged” teaching tool. The player with the highest credit score at the end of the game wins.

Each game comes with a complete lesson plan and PowerPoint presentation, credit score deminator worksheets and more.  

To order and download the free lesson plan, worksheets, and more, go here.

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SCORE! Board Game order form & resources

Smart Credit Check Seminar Resources

Smart Credit Check logoCould your credit union use a free turnkey seminar in a box for teaching your members about credit scores and identity theft? Look no further! Smart Credit Check is a complete package of downloadable content. It consists of three kits:

  • Member Seminar Kit: Provides content for teaching members and potential new members about how to pull their credit report safely and how to make sense of it.
  • Marketing and Public Relations Tool Kit: Provides templates of marketing and advertising material for the credit union to identify itself as a “Smart Credit Check” credit union.
  • Credit Union Staff Training Kit: This toolkit focuses on how to implement the campaign for developing your credit union’s business (to bring in new accounts or generate loans).

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