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It's Do or Die for Our CU Legislation; Email Your Lawmakers Today!


Credit unions: We desperately need your help as we work to push our public deposits bill over the finish line! We’re facing key subcommittee and committee votes on the measure in the coming weeks. Please ask your staff, co-workers and officials to email lawmakers today in support of HB 1205. To date, we’ve generated 372 messages to lawmakers. We need significantly more support if lawmakers are going to consider this a top-of-mind concern for constituents.

With the simple input of a home address, credit union champions can email their lawmakers in a few simple clicks.

Email your lawmakers today

Last week, 130 credit union advocates from across the Commonwealth traveled to Richmond in support of our credit union legislation and to educate lawmakers about the “Credit Union Difference.”

Virginia’s credit unions are lobbying for a measure to provide credit unions with the authority to hold public deposits (HB 1205). This authority would allow public entities – city and county governments and their various subdivisions, for example – to deposit public funds at local credit unions, providing greater choice, boosting competition, and benefitting taxpayers by providing better rates on deposits.

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