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Credit Union Day at the General Assembly: Advocates Lobby for CU Legislation; Educate Lawmakers About CU Difference


Meeting with Sen. McPike

Carrie Hunt Addresses Credit Union Day Advocates

130 credit union advocates from across the Commonwealth traveled to Richmond today in support of credit union legislation and to educate lawmakers about the “Credit Union Difference.”

Virginia’s credit unions are lobbying for a measure to provide credit unions with the authority to hold public deposits (HB 1205). This authority would allow public entities – city and county governments and their various subdivisions, for example – to deposit public funds at local credit unions, providing greater choice, boosting competition, and benefitting taxpayers by providing better rates on deposits.

CU Day 2024: Hampton Roads-area credit unions meet with Will Smith, chief of staff to Sen. Louise Lucas.“More than half the states allow public entities to hold deposits at credit unions, so we believe it’s past time Virginia’s credit unions have this authority,” said League President/CEO Carrie Hunt. “While we can expect bankers' fierce opposition to our legislation to continue, grassroots efforts like Credit Union Day are a vital component in our efforts to keep our legislation - and other issues important to us - top-of-mind with lawmakers."

The League and credit unions have been laying the groundwork for this legislation for almost a year. In a series of meetings that involved League staff and credit unions, we’ve met with city and county officials, constitutional officers, and lawmakers to better understand the service landscape for public entities and to drum up their support for public deposits legislation.

Credit unions met today with 35 members of the General Assembly, including House and Senate leadership and members of the key committees in each chamber that will consider our bill. Credit unions also had the opportunity to meet with some of the new lawmakers elected to their seats last November - 18 state senators are new to their seats, as are 35 of the 100 delegates.

"We appreciate the tremendous support we received today from credit unions," said CeJae Vtipilson, League Director of Political Affairs and State Advocacy. "With a record number of new lawmakers this session, it was especially important for us to demonstrate the grassroots strength of credit unions."

You can continue to aid our efforts by flooding lawmakers’ offices with emails in support of our legislation! Please encourage staff, officials and members to contact their lawmakers, as well! Visit our Advocacy Action Center to email lawmakers.

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CUDay2024 - Convirs Fowler Meeting

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