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League President/CEO Carrie Hunt's Statement on CUNA, NAFCU Merger Announcement

With the news today that the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) and the National Association of Federally Insured Credit Unions (NAFCU) intend to merge, League President/CEO Carrie Hunt offered her perspective on the potential impact for Virginia’s credit unions. 

“I am excited that the strengths of both CUNA and NAFCU could be leveraged into a single organization, with approval of this merger. A single national trade association promises dues-paying credit unions operational efficiencies, economy of scale and a unified voice on the advocacy front. When I joined the League two years ago, I promised that I would look to pursue new industry partnerships and strengthen existing ones that helped advance the League’s mission. During the past two years, we’ve worked closely with both CUNA and NAFCU, making use of their resources, talent and services when and where we could in service to Virginia’s credit unions. 

Having been a part of NAFCU’s success for 17 years and through my role here at the League, I understand and appreciate both the unique and the shared strengths of CUNA and NAFCU. I understand, too, what is needed to ensure credit unions’ long-term success. To see the fulfillment of our shared vision for a thriving and diverse credit union system, we’ll need strong leadership within this new national trade association -- leadership that starts with the combined Board of Directors, lives in the CEO, and is executed by a talented staff. 

I support this merger, knowing that ultimately the 104 credit unions in Virginia will decide whether the merger makes sense for their credit union and their millions of members. Should CUNA and NAFCU member credit unions approve the merger, your League will look forward to leveraging the talent, products and services of this new organization, knowing that the relationship your League would have with this new national trade association is likely to evolve and change as this new trade association finds its footing.

What will not change is your League’s commitment to promote, protect and strengthen Virginia’s credit union system. Your League will continue working on your behalf to deliver unmatched state and federal advocacy, industry-best business solutions, and collaborative initiatives that advance credit unions and support their member service mission.” 

Learn more about the merger proposal here.

Please reach out to us with your thoughts and feedback! Carrie Hunt signature Carrie R. Hunt President/CEO Virginia Credit Union League

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