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CURRENT Newsletter | October 10, 2023


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Financial Well-Being for All Boot Camp Oct. 25; Registration Open

Your members need you. But are you missing opportunities to meet them where they are in their life and financial journeys? Our Boot Camp offers training on identifying and categorizing a member’s financial health so you can tailor your product and service offerings to better meet their unique needs. We’ll also take a deep dive into the Financial Health Pulse survey to uncover actionable insights on consumer financial health in the U.S. HumanKind will provide an overview of their Economic Resource Center and the services credit unions can leverage to aid members.

Virginia-Based Credit Unions Reach 45,000 Individuals with Personal Finance Lessons

Virginia-based credit unions reported reaching 28,144 students and 17,568 adults with lessons on personal finance during the year ended June 30, 2023. To reach those numbers, Virginia’s credit unions collectively conducted 570 presentations to students and 428 presentations to adults.

"Virginia's credit unions have a long history of educating consumers about money management and personal finance," says Virginia Credit Union League President/CEO Carrie Hunt. "We're proud of the many credit unions in Virginia, and nationwide, that are working to ensure our young people grow up to be financially savvy adults and that adults understand how best to position themselves for financial success.”

Leadership, Communication Styles Seminar Set for Nov. 16

We’re excited to announce the third module/seminar as part of the League’s EMERGE Certification Program! Join us Nov. 16 as we focus on leadership and communication, specifically “authentic leadership” and how best to use our personal strengths and communication skills in the workplace. Participants will complete a leadership personality assessment facilitated by a professional.

1,000 Emails to Lawmakers in the Past Month in Opposition to Interchange Bill

We’re closing in on 1,000 emails sent to Virginia’s congressional delegation in opposition to the Credit Card Competition Act (interchange legislation). We launched our most recent campaign a month ago, and you’ve responded by mobilizing your staff, officials and members! Please keep up the good work by urging credit union supporters to visit our Advocacy Action Center to contact lawmakers today. Should we see the expected vote this week to elect a new House Speaker, Congress will have its hands full over the next several weeks given recent world events and the need to pass the various appropriations measures to fund the government for the coming fiscal year. We’ll need to remain vigilant against the threat of lawmakers attempting to advance credit union-opposed legislation by attaching it to other bills.

Essentials, Advanced IRA Training Set for Oct. 18-19 as Virtual Event

The highly skilled Ascensus trainers present virtual IRA workshops covering both essential and advanced IRA topics, delivered right to your desk! Whether you are new to IRAs or an experienced administrator wanting an update, you'll find the training you need to serve your members' IRA needs. There’s still time to register!

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