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Home Pages From the Diary of Mrs. C. Hunt - Aug. 24, 2021

Pages From the Diary of Mrs. C. Hunt - Aug. 24, 2021

Authored By: Carrie Hunt on 8/24/2021

When I was growing up, we talked about two things around the dinner table: school and the weather.  My parents worked for one of those agencies where they could not discuss what happened between 9-5.  As a general rule, my father approached his duty to secrecy by speaking very little; my mother took the opposite approach and could talk for hours on end about absolutely nothing, with the weather being a particularly favorite topic of hers. 

Now, with wildfires, hurricanes, flooding, and tornadoes dominating the news cycle, I am not so sure talking about the weather is as mundane as it was once thought to be. My heart goes out to those struggling in Tennessee. Hurricane Henri's march up the east coast was certainly not as minimal as predicted. Here are a few things on my radar...

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