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Zest AI: Every Important Journey Needs a Navigator

Authored By: Lewis Wood on 5/3/2023

Credit unions are the trusted navigators in their members’ financial journeys. You are in the passenger’s seat, directing your member on where to turn and finding the clearest path forward. The navigation tools you’re using make a world of a difference — will your journey together be smooth, with everyone arriving at the destination happy, healthy, and on time? Or will that journey become bumpy, inefficient, and exclude a lot of people?

Automated underwriting allows for proactive monitoring of changes so credit unions can get ahead of the curve and provide the best support for their communities. Models can be optimized to accommodate economic shifts, giving you the best route to ensure consistent, fair, and compliant lending.

Today, if a passenger in your car pulled out a giant paper map, wouldn’t you be a bit worried?

The best news is that much like an app on a smartphone, this technology is easily accessible to almost everyone. Credit unions of any size can now take advantage of this technology and evolve to better serve their members and communities.

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