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Just Announced for GROWTH 2023: Using AI & Analytics to Fight and Win in Today’s Competitive Landscape

Authored By: League Staff on 8/11/2023

We’re excited to announce a timely addition to our upcoming GROWTH Conference lineup! Join us next month for a session titled, “Using AI and Analytics to Fight -- and Win -- in Today’s Competitive Landscape!

  • We’ll focus on how fintechs, analytics and AI are transforming the financial services industry and why you must be leveraging their power to engage today’s members.
  • You’ll also gain an understanding of what AI and analytics really mean in relation to the financial services landscape, with a primer on the vast and sometimes confusing technical terms found in these fields.
  • We’ll also showcase real-world credit union examples of innovation, information, and Enhanced Intelligence, and how credit unions are using these tools to drive growth and enhance the financial well-being of their members.
  • You’ll walk away with ideas and action steps for your credit union.    

We're pleased to welcome Karan Bhalla, Chief Growth Officer at Trellance, as our session facilitator!

GROWTH Conference registration is open!


Hilton Garden Inn Virginia Beach
3315 Atlantic Ave
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Book your stay

Our room rates are deeply discounted at the Hilton Garden Inn for GROWTH Conference! Act now to ensure you get the best possible rate! Group Rate: $180

Attendees can also call the Hilton Central Reservations Line at 757.305,9000, identifying themselves as members of the VACUL 2023 GROWTH Conference.

Additional Programming

This year’s GROWTH Conference will feature keynote presenter Anne Legg, an award-winning, internationally recognized credit union data strategist, change agent, author, and educator. She is the founder and principal of THRIVE, a data activation consultancy that educates, accelerates, and elevates credit unions in their pursuit of data to improve their members' lives.

Keynote Sessions: 

Day 1: session - Big Data Big Climb: Conquering the world's tallest freestanding mountain AND your CU data  

Data is an incredible credit union asset and can be harnessed to improve members' lives. Unfortunately, for most credit unions, data feels completely overwhelming. Common questions credit unions have about their data are; Where is it? How do I access it? How can I improve my members' lives using it? Do I need new tools? Do I have the right people? How much and how long?

This feels daunting, like climbing the tallest, freestanding mountain on the planet. Anne Legg is a recognized, award-winning industry expert, educator, and member-centric data strategist who holds an MBA thesis on the credit union business model and is the author of Big Data/Big Climb: A credit union playbook for leveraging data and talent to achieve revolutionary member relationships, will share how a credit union can climb both their data and Mt Kilimanjaro.

In the fall of 2019, Anne summited Mt. Kilimanjaro (13,940 feet). She will share this experience, compare it to a credit union's data journey, and cover the five success criteria needed for data activation - Assessment/Plan/Team/Mindset/Building new capabilities. You will enjoy this inspirational, educational, and entertaining narrative.  Includes: 20 signed copies of the book.      

Day 2: Session - Making Data Your BFF!

Data has been called many things, frustrating, insightful, and transformational. Today, I want us to think about data as a corporate BFF. Think about it. You need to work closely with data so that it can serve up insights into your member's experience/ organizational performance and so many other business areas. You must build trust and confidence in the data and have excellent communication skills.

This session will cover the following: Defining Data strategy Understanding Member friction Building Data capability Creating Data roadmaps This session will give you greater clarity on the "must-haves" for data activation. 

Other Sessions:

How Embedded Finance is Shaping Financial Services

While credit unions face the threat of disintermediation with the new embedded finance value chain, it also poses a tremendous growth opportunity. Learn firsthand the ways embedded finance meets the needs of members today and how credit unions can identify the verticals that allow them entry into this new value chain to expand their reach.

Maximizing Margin Expansion in a Rising Rate Environment

Data analytics that reveals the intersection of portfolio and customer/member relationship factors are fundamental to developing a strategy that produces the most positive impact on Net Interest Margin. Any strategy that does not fully integrate marketing communication will be suboptimal. What is the best way to approach this unique historical challenge? This informative, thought-provoking session seeks to answer that question with data.

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