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GROWTH Conference: Leveraging All Facets of Your Operations, Organization to Drive Growth & Fuel Success

Authored By: Lewis Wood on 8/29/2023

Join us at the Virginia Beach oceanfront for an informative, thought-provoking conference that seeks to answer that all-important question: How do we deliver enterprise-wide strategy, differentiation and performance to fuel the growth and success of our credit union?

We’re all seeking sustainable growth at our credit unions but staying ahead of the curve and the competition is increasingly difficult.

So, we’ve curated our GROWTH Conference programming specifically for those focused on the growth and viability of their credit union – whether that role encompasses lending, marketing, business development, member service/experience, revenue generation, community outreach, data/analytics, risk management or operations.Register


Big Data Big Climb: Conquering the World's Tallest Freestanding Mountain AND Your CU Data

Data is an incredible credit union asset and can be harnessed to improve members' lives. Unfortunately for most credit unions, data feels completely overwhelming, and daunting, like climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.

The Power of Permissioned Data in Lending

"Permissioned data" is detailed and highly descriptive information about members' financial behavior, but it requires that members give you access to that info. While this data can be broken into known categories like income, debt, and identity, it also includes cash flows, payments, and more. Today, there is an overwhelming amount of "permissioned data" coming from many different sources.

While credit unions can and must use this data to make better, faster, and fairer decisions in consumer and business lending, there are considerable challenges to identifying the right data sources, implementing the APIs, and using this data to make decisions. This session will provide a digestible overview of these data categories, use cases, and best practices from credit unions using this data to approve and fund more deposit, loan, and credit applications ... and reach new members!

Using AI & Analytics to Fight and Win in Today's Competitive Landscape

  • We’ll focus on how fintechs, analytics and AI are transforming the financial services industry and why you must leverage their power to engage today’s members.

  • You’ll also gain an understanding of what AI and analytics really mean in relation to the financial services landscape, with a primer on the vast and sometimes confusing technical terms found in these fields.

  • We’ll also showcase real-world credit union examples of innovation, information, and Enhanced Intelligence, and how credit unions are using these tools to drive growth and promote the financial well-being of their members.

  • You’ll walk away with ideas and action steps for your credit union.

Maximizing Margin Expansion in a Rising Rate Environment

Data analytics that reveals the intersection of portfolio and customer/member relationship factors are fundamental to developing a strategy that produces the most positive impact on Net Interest Margin. We know that any strategy that does not fully integrate marketing communication will be suboptimal. Beyond that, what is the best way to approach this unique historical challenge? This informative, thought-provoking session seeks to answer that question with data.

Making Data Your BFF!

Data has been called many things -- frustrating, insightful, and transformational. Data expert and author Anne Legg argues we need to think about data as a corporate “BFF.” Join Anne for this informative session at GROWTH 2023 as we discuss Defining Data strategy; Understanding Member friction; Building Data capability; and Creating Data roadmaps. This session will give you greater clarity on the "must-haves" for data activation!


For reservations at the Hilton Garden Inn Oceanfront Virginia Beach, please contact your League's Mary Amyx (mamyx@vacul.org or 800.768.3344, ext. 1630).

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