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CUs, League Hold Virtual Meeting with Rep. Wittman; Bank Branches on Military Bases, Interchange Among Key Topics

Authored By: CeJae Vtipilson on 5/8/2023

Credit union advocates from BayPort Credit Union, Henrico Federal Credit Union, Langley Federal Credit Union, NavyFed, and Topside Federal Credit Union joined the League in a virtual meeting with Congressman Rob Wittman (R -1) on May 4.

During the meeting we discussed our top federal legislative priorities, including our opposition to allowing banks free rent on military installations being included in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Advocates in the meeting highlighted the many ways they serve servicemembers and their families with their on-base branches. Congressman Wittman expressed his appreciation for all of the support credit unions provide to members of the armed forces and reiterated his position that he supports credit unions and will oppose any legislation that will damage credit unions of their charters and mission.

He explained that the NDAA is currently going through Committee markups and he expects the final write-up will take place around May 23rd and to be presented on the House Floor around the second week of June. He stated he will be passing our comments and concerns regarding banks on bases to the members and leadership of the House Armed Services Committee.

The League and advocates in the meeting expressed our opposition to any changes on credit interchange, overdraft protection, and our support of expanding underserved communities access to credit unions.

Rep. Wittman commented that he does not see appetite to take up legislation regarding interchange in the House during this Congress, as the issue doesn’t seem to be a focus of leadership and if any legislation were to be proposed he doesn’t believe it will gain any traction. But he did state he will be checking with members of the House Financial Services Committee and asked that we immediately let his office know if such legislation is presented.

We thank those who joined us in last week’s meeting and look forward to our in-person meeting with Congresswoman Wexton (D-10) in her D.C. office on May 11.

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