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Count Down to the Primaries

Authored By: Jasmine Mines on 6/12/2023

On June 20th, primary elections for the Virginia State Senate and House of Delegates will take place in newly drawn districts across Virginia. From Floyd to Winchester to Arlington and Virginia Beach, every region of the Commonwealth will have multiple candidates seeking their party’s nomination. Below are the primary races by the numbers:

46 - Primary Races

43 - Districts (20 Senate and 23 House)

31 - Democratic Primaries

26 - Races in strongly partisan districts and/or with no major party challenger in the Nov. election*

20 - Races where all candidates are new to the Virginia General Assembly

17th - of June is the last day of in-person early voting

15 - Republican Primaries

8 - Races with incumbents facing challengers

7 - Members of the Virginia House of Delegates running for Senate

5 - Former Members Running for Office

2 - Incumbent versus incumbent races

1 - Week until election day!

0 - Percent chance we’ll have a state budget before the election

*As it stands in these districts the winner of the primary will very likely be the next Senator or Delegate.

Needless to say, these elections are extremely important and the outcome of more than half will likely determine who wins the General Election in November. The Virginia Credit Union League strongly urges credit union advocates across the Commonwealth to get out and vote on June 20th.

As a reminder, Virginia is an open primary state which means you do not have to be registered with a party in advance in order to participate in its primary. For Information on which district you reside in, who’s on your ballot, or where to vote, please visit the Virginia Department of Elections Website.

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