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League Offers Update on Key Legislative Issues at General Assembly's Halfway Point


Feb. 13 was Crossover Day in the Virginia General Assembly. This marked the halfway point of the 2024 Session and is the deadline for bills to pass out of their chamber of origin to be considered by the other chamber. From this point forward, the House may only consider bills passed by the Senate and the Senate can only consider bills passed by the House. The General Assembly Session is scheduled to adjourn (sine die) on March 9.

Roughly half of the bills introduced this year survived crossover. In the Senate, 746 bills were introduced with 459 (62%) passing. In the House, 1,540 bills were introduced with 731 (47%) passing.

Any legislation passed by both the House and Senate will be reviewed by Gov. Youngkin who has the power to sign the legislation into law, veto (defeat), allow it to become law without his signature, or propose amendments for the General Assembly to consider during veto session, slated to start on April 17.

NOTE: We reference "conference" or "conference committee" several times below. A conference committee is formed to reconcile differences in legislation that has passed both the state Senate and House of Delegates. Legislation must have the same language and form to be properly passed by the respective chambers of the legislature and forwarded to the governor for consideration.

Below is a synopsis of this year’s major issues and where they currently stand.

Credit Union/Financial Institutions

  • Public Deposits – Failed to Report from Committee.
  • Trusted Contacts on Accounts - Two differing versions passed in the House and Senate. *
    *A final version will need to be worked out in conference committee.
  • Residential PACE Loans - Failed to Report from Committee.
  • Required Affidavits for Foreclosure of Subordinate Mortgages - Passed House.


  • Minimum Wage Increase - House & Senate passed bills to increase the minimum wage to $15/hour. *
  • Virginia Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program – House Failed, Senate Passed. *
  • Paid Sick Leave for all Employees – Failed to pass.
  • Prohibition on Seeking Pay History of Prospective Employees – Passed House. *

* Bills will likely be vetoed as Gov. Youngkin.

State Corporation Commission

House & Senate appointed two individuals to fill judge vacant seats.

  • Kelsey Bagot, an attorney with NextEra Energy and former adviser to a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission member
  • Sam Towell, an attorney for Smithfield Foods and former lawyer with the Office of the Attorney General.


  • Retail Sales of Cannabis – Two differing versions passed in the House and Senate. A final version will need to be worked out in conference. **
    *The League takes no position on cannabis use itself. We do support the passage of legislation that provides Virginia’s financial institutions with needed clarity and protections should an adult-use retail market be established in the Commonwealth.
    **Bill will likely be vetoed by Gov. Youngkin; but may be used as a bargaining chip for either tax proposals or Arena.


  • Senate - Defeated bills to enact Gov. Youngkin’s proposed tax reforms, including cutting income taxes, raising the sales tax, and expanding taxes on certain digital services. *

*Tax policies may change during the state budget process or via gubernatorial amendment.

Higher Education

  • Banning Legacy Admissions – Passed both House and Senate unanimously. *

* Gov. Youngkin has signaled he is supportive.


  • Casinos
    • Northern Virginia Casino Referendum – Failed
    • Removal of Richmond from the list of cities eligible for Casinos – Passed
    • Authorize Petersburg to hold a referendum on potential Casino - Passed
  • “Skill Games”
    • Legalization and taxation of “skill games” – 2 differing versions passed. *

*A final version will need to be worked out in conference.  

Northern Virginia Arena

  • House - Passed
  • Senate – Not Heard by Senate*

*Senate Finance Chair opposes the proposal; Democrats will likely use House legislation as a bargaining chip with Gov. Youngkin.


Most bills regulating social media platforms and the use of artificial intelligence were defeated or referred for study. Senate passed legislation aiming to restrict the use of “addictive feeds” on social media platforms that can be accessed by minors.

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