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League Elevates Credit Union Leaders with AACUC Annual Conference Scholarship Awards



Anticipation mounts as the African American Credit Union Coalition (AACUC) prepares to host its prestigious Annual Conference from July 30th to August 2nd at the illustrious Caesar’s Palace in vibrant Las Vegas.

In a resounding testament to our commitment to fostering growth and excellence within the credit union community, the Virginia Credit Union League proudly announces the recipients of the highly coveted Lynette Smith Scholarship. Due to a high volume of quality applicants this year, in a groundbreaking move, the League has chosen to sponsor not one, but two scholarships, doubling the opportunity for deserving professionals or volunteers to partake in this enriching experience.

The spotlight shines brightly on Cindy Lindsey of RVA Financial Credit Union and Katrina M. Hayes-Peerman of Virginia State University Credit Union as the esteemed recipients of this year's scholarship awards.

Reflecting on her anticipation of the event, Cindy Lindsey shares, "Listening to successful leaders and industry experts will inspire and motivate me to pursue company goals with renewed energy and enthusiasm," encapsulating the transformative power of the AACUC Conference.

Similarly, Katrina M. Hayes-Peerman exudes eagerness, remarking, "Attending a conference such as this will put me in the company of those with more experience and can give me the confidence to go outside my comfort zone to be the best leader for this credit union," signaling a commitment to growth and leadership excellence.

Renee Sattiewhite, President/CEO of AACUC, expresses her delight at the increased support, stating, "We are thrilled that there will be two credit union professionals receiving the Lynette Smith Scholarship! We appreciate the ongoing partnership with the Virginia Credit Union League and your support for the Upcoming AACUC-CULC Conference in Las Vegas. We share your commitment to credit union professionals – and this commitment is an integral part of the work that we do at AACUC. Investing in people is how we build future leaders of the credit union movement."

The Virginia Credit Union League stands as a proud ally in the AACUC's mission, recognizing the significance of empowering dedicated credit union professionals and officials. Through the Lynette Smith Scholarship, the League continues to champion education, training, and networking opportunities that catalyze the growth and development of leaders within the credit union industry.

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