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Igniting Change: How ValleyStar Credit Union is Leading the Charge at IGNITE 2024


ValleyStar Credit Union CEO Mike Warrell and Board Chair James Rorrer

As IGNITE | the League Annual Meeting approaches, ValleyStar Credit Union is gearing up to make a significant impact. Led by CEO Mike Warrell and Board Chair James Rorrer, ValleyStar is a leader in innovation and community engagement within the credit union community. Their proactive approach to conference participation has catalyzed growth and fostered a culture of inclusivity and learning.

Cultivating a Culture of Inclusivity and Growth

Mike Warrell, who has been at the helm of ValleyStar since 2021, believes deeply in the power of inclusivity. "It’s crucial for fostering a culture of inclusivity and growth," he notes, explaining how involving employees at various levels not only enhances their personal development but also significantly contributes to organizational growth. This philosophy has led to a remarkable increase in ValleyStar's success over the past two years.

James Rorrer, a veteran leader who has served ValleyStar in various capacities since 1993, echoes this sentiment. He sees conference participation as a way to empower staff, instilling a renewed passion for their roles. "They return with innovative ideas and a deeper commitment to our mission, driving both efficiency and innovation," he adds.

Embracing Technology and Operations Innovations

Strategic decisions, such as adopting new technologies, are often influenced by insights gained at these conferences. Warrell highlights the importance of networking, which has directly impacted ValleyStar’s strategic decisions like adopting a new core system. "The shared experiences and advice from peers have been invaluable," he states.

For Rorrer, the successful integration of such technologies, facilitated by knowledge exchanges at past conferences, underscores the strategic value of participation. "Witnessing the smooth integration of new systems, largely due to insights gained from conferences, confirms the strategic value of our involvement," he affirms.

Maintaining Community Focus Amid Rapid Digitalization

Despite the swift digital transformation in banking services, Warrell emphasizes the continued commitment to personal interaction and active community engagement. This approach aligns with the core credit union principle of "people helping people."

Encouraging Broader Participation

Looking ahead to the upcoming conference, Warrell encourages other credit unions to seize this unparalleled opportunity for learning and networking. "It’s a chance to enhance our collective expertise and reinforce our commitment to the communities we serve," he advocates.

Rorrer believes that collective engagement and learning at these events can significantly strengthen the credit union movement. "It’s an investment in our future, fostering innovation and enhancing the credit union difference," he concludes.

As ValleyStar prepares for IGNITE 2024, the leadership’s stories and successes offer a roadmap for how credit unions can leverage VACUL’s conferences to drive significant change and remain competitive in a rapidly evolving industry. Their commitment to growth, community, and innovation continues to inspire their staff and help their members achieve financial success.

For more details on the 2024 IGNITE the League Conference, including the agenda and how to secure your spot, visit here. See you in May!


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