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2024 Primaries: Key Insights for Virginia Credit Unions


As the June 18 primary nears, the political landscape in Virginia is becoming increasingly active, holding substantial implications for the credit union community. All 11 of Virginia's seats in the House of Representatives are on the ballot this November, along with Senator Tim Kaine's seat. Here’s an overview of pivotal races and their potential impact on credit unions.

Races to Watch

Senate Republican Primary: Senator Tim Kaine is a seasoned incumbent seeking reelection, facing a Republican primary with five contenders. Although it is unlikely Senator Kaine will lose in November, the right Republican Candidate could make it a close race especially in a Presidential election year.

5th District Republican Primary: This race features incumbent Rep. Bob Good against state Sen. John McGuire (R-10) in a heated contest. Both candidates are very conservative, but Rep. Good's decision to back Governor DeSantis in the Republican Presidential Primary angered many supporters of Donald Trump and is why Sen. McGuire is challenging him for the primary.

7th District: This is an open seat as Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger (D-07) has decided not to seek reelection and instead run for Governor in 2025. Both the Republican and Democratic primaries are packed in this toss-up district. There are seven candidates running for the Democratic primary including one current Virginia Delegate and one former Delegate. Eugene Vindman currently holds a substantial fundraising advantage over his rivals, having a amassed over $3 million. There are six candidates vying for the Republican nomination, with Derrick Anderson holding a substantial fundraising advantage. This is the one of the most competitive congressional districts in Virginia, so the outcome in truly anyone's guess at this point.

10th District: This is also an open seat with Congresswoman Wexton (D-10) not seeking reelection due to her health. Sixteen candidates are seeking the Democratic and Republican nominations in this Democratic leaning district, which McAuliffe won by less than 2% in 2021. 12 people, including the former Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates, two state senators, and three delegates, are running in the Democratic primary. Delegate Dan Helmer (D-10) has the current fundraising advantage over his 11 fellow Democratic candidates and the four Republicans seeking the nomination. This district has voted Democrat in the past seven elections, but it does have the potential to swing Republican in a Presidential election year.

Importance of Participation

Engagement in these elections is vital for ensuring that credit union members' interests are represented. Legislators who understand and advocate for the credit union movement can significantly influence the regulatory and operational landscape for credit unions.

We urge all members to stay informed about the candidates and their positions on key issues, especially those affecting credit unions. Active participation in the electoral process is essential for representing our interests and fostering an environment where credit unions can thrive.

For more detailed information on the candidates and to check your registration status, visit Virginia Elections.

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