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Share Draft Solutions to Help Hone Your Competitive Edge

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Face it: the share draft account plays a pivotal role in your relationship with your member, in addition to driving considerable income for your bottom line. Your League and League Service Corporation understand this idea and have developed deep partnerships designed to help you find the strategic edge in your share draft/check program by delivering solutions that enhance your relationships with your members.

Share Draft Processing

Your League and League Service Corporation's partnership with MY CU Services is designed to bring affordable, state-of-the-art share draft processing and check imaging to Virginia’s credit unions. 

Member Share Draft Processing

MY CU Services’ Member Share Draft processing program offers straightforward, competitive processing fees, with no hidden costs and no compensation balance requirements.

All necessary data is captured from the draft and a unique sequence number is assigned to each item. A data file will be created and made available for your credit union or data processor to download.

Remote Image Capture

MY CU Services’ Remote Image Capture program allows your credit union to send your share draft deposits to MY CU as an electronic file for processing.  MY CU has three remote image capture programs available:

  • Remote Branch Capture
    A Remote Branch Capture (RBC) and Deposit product offers credit unions a cost-effective and efficient way to comprehensively capture check images, and send those images electronically to complete the entire process as envisioned by Check 21.
  • Remote Teller Capture
    Similar to Remote Branch Capture, Remote Teller Capture takes convenience a step further. Instead of scanning several batches throughout the day or waiting to scan all checks at the end of the day, Remote Teller Capture allows your Teller to scan the check as it’s presented.
  • Remote Merchant Capture
     Businesses have many options when it comes to financial services. To stand out from the crowd, consider adding a product that provides convenience. And there is nothing more convenient for a business than depositing checks without having to visit a local branch

Statement Processing


Are you ready to give your monthly statements a little spice?

You can with MY CU Services’ E-Statements! Through our platform, you can create member statements/notices and tax notices that are unique and cost-effective. It’ll not only transform the way your members your view your credit union, but it’ll also change how you do business.

Reduce Costs
Save your credit union money on traditional mailed statements. Through MY CU Services’ E-Statements, your credit union can provide colorful and dynamic statements to your member base without the added expense of paper and printing costs. We simply import the statements so your members can access them directly from your online banking portal using a single sign-on interface or through a credit union-branded portal with MY CU Services.

MY CU Services’ E-Statements allow you to customize the look and feel to match your credit union brand. Create the statements using your company’s font, color scheme, logo and graphics. In addition, you can personalize the statements for your members.

Promote & Profit
Want to highlight a product, event or promotion? Put it on your e-statement! MY CU Services’ E-Statements allow your credit union to include advertising directly on your statements. Target advertising, clickable messages, interactive graphics…you can include it all.

Increase Your Visibility
In addition to e-statements, our program allows your credit union to send email notifications each month to enrolled e-statement members. With the same capabilities as the e-statement generator, you can include custom graphics, interactive links, etc. The best part? With email notifications, all clicks and leads can be tracked through the MY CU Services platform.

Other Benefits:

  • Archive holds statements and documents for up to 18 months.
  • Offer advertising opportunities to business partners.
  • Links to check images for member review within the e-statements.
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