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NextMark Credit Union Reopens Fairfax Branch with Cutting-Edge Self-Serve Technology

Authored By: League Staff on 9/11/2023

Marella Nardotti
Chief Marketing Officer
(703) 218-9900 x 1128

NextMark Credit Union is thrilled to announce the grand reopening of its Fairfax branch, featuring futuristic self-serve technology designed to enhance the banking experience for its valued members. This innovative upgrade reflects NextMark's value-centric brand and its commitment to providing cutting-edge financial services while ensuring utmost convenience and accessibility.

The newly revamped Fairfax branch introduces state-of-the-art self-serve technology, aimed at streamlining transactions, and empowering members to take control of their financial journey. Key highlights of this transformation include:

  1. Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs): ITMs offer a convenient way to carry out various transactions in one place. In contrast to traditional ATMs, which often have low limits, ITMs enable users to conduct deposits and withdrawals in larger amounts - in lieu of visiting a traditional teller. While traditional ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) typically grant access to only one checking and savings account, ITMs allow users to view all their NextMark accounts. This feature empowers members to review balances before initiating transfers, loan payments, or any other transactions, ensuring a secure and self-service experience.
  2. Biometric Authentication: NextMark is raising the bar for security by incorporating biometric authentication methods, such as Palm Vein recognition, for secure access to accounts and transactions. This advanced security layer ensures that members' sensitive information remains well-protected.
  3. Consultative Experience: Despite of NextMark replacing its traditional teller line with ITMs, it didn’t replace its human employees. Members who desire to have in-depth conversations about their financial goals, can still do so with NextMark’s knowledgeable Success Guides in a more comfortable and private environment.

nextmark ribbon cuttingIn addition to technological enhancements, NextMark’s newly designed branch clearly defines the organizations commitment to its values and the community it serves. A three dimensional word wall located to the right of the new ITMs, brings the space together while highlighting words that help define the performance-driven brand. A community wall displays photos of NextMarker’s making an impact in the community. Regardless on where you look, the brand’s story is defined in a clear and concise manner. NextMark partnered with NewGround, a design and build firm that is known for creating innovative branch designs for credit unions across the country. “The team at NewGround truly understood our vision, and were able to execute a design that adhered to our brand’s promise” said Marella Nardotti, Chief Marketing Officer at NextMark Credit Union.

"As we reopen our Fairfax branch with these futuristic self-serve technologies, we are reaffirming our commitment to innovation, convenience, and security," said Nicole Bowen, EVP/Chief Information Officer at NextMark Credit Union. "Our members' evolving needs are at the heart of these enhancements, and we are excited to provide them with an unparalleled banking experience that merges advanced technology with personalized service."

NextMark Credit Union's Fairfax branch is now open and ready to welcome community members to explore these groundbreaking self-serve technologies. For more information and to experience the future of banking, please visit 4201 Members Way, Fairfax, VA 22030 or their website at NextMarkCU.org.

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