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NCUA Regional Director John Kutchey Speaks with CEOs at League Summit


Last week the League hosted our CEO Summit in Charlottesville, VA. The Summit brings together CEOs from $100 million-plus credit unions around Virginia, business partners, regulators and League staff to discuss challenges, best practices, and industry trends.

NCUA Regional Director John Kutchey spoke to our CEOs on Friday, sharing his perspective on risk areas for credit unions as we move into Q4 and 2024. He spoke about the top three risk areas NCUA identified in their 2023 Supervisory Priorities: interest rate risk, liquidity risk, and credit risk.

Regarding liquidity, he urged credit unions to have multiple borrowing sources they could use should they experience a liquidity need, highlighting the NCUA's Central Liquidity Facility, the Federal Home Loan Bank, and the Federal Reserve's Bank Term Funding Program as liquidity sources used by many credit unions.

He also gave his perspective on AI and credit unions implementing technology into their operations as well as the agency's approach to training and staff development.

It was fantastic to hear from Kutchey and hear about the trends he's seeing from the examination and supervision staff he leads. And speaking of CEO gatherings - our CEO Forum is coming up on Oct. 17! This is specifically for CEOs of credit unions under $100 million in total assets. It's a great opportunity to learn from industry experts, network with your peers, and discuss top-of-mind issues. Register today here!

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