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Board of Directors

Your Virginia Credit Union League was organized Nov. 26, 1934 and became incorporated in 1952. Since its organization, it has rendered continuous service and today is recognized as one of the leading leagues in the nation. Your League is directed by a 9-member board of directors, representing the entire state.

The 9 directors are elected by member credit unions. They are responsible for setting League policy and directing the organization's affairs.

Patsy Stuard, Chair
Fort Lee Federal Credit Union
(At-Large Director)
Chris Williams, Immediate Past Chair
Henrico Federal Credit Union 
(At-Large Director)
Joe Thomas, Vice Chair
NextMark Credit Union
(At-Large Director)
Lisa Lambrecht
ValleyStar Credit Union
(Region 4)
Patsy Smith, Treasurer
Peoples Advantage Federal Credit Union
(Region 2) 
Stan Leicester
BayPort Credit Union
(Region 1)
Jeff BentleySecretary
Northwest Federal Credit Union
(At-Large Director)
Paul Muse
1st Advantage Federal Credit Union
(At-large director)
Carrie Hunt, Ex-Officio, President/CEO
Virginia Credit Union League
800.768.3344, ext. 1601
Janine Williams
UVA Community Credit Union
(Region 3) 


Map of League's Regions

Board Elections

Each of the state's four regions elects one director for their region.

In addition, all eligible credit unions have a vote in electing the five at-large directors, who can be elected from any region of the state. At no time shall a majority of directors be affiliated with members that have their principal office within the same Region. 

Directors are elected to three-year terms, except in certain circumstances, such as when an election is held to fill the unexpired term of a resigning board member.

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