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Contribute to VACUPAC

VACUPAC funds are distributed to political candidates who champion credit unions and can help us get things done!

Your contributions to VACUPAC allow us to have a greater impact with candidates than you could make as an individual. Contributing to VACUPAC is not only a contribution to our
advocacy work, it’s an investment in your credit union and in your career.

How to Contribute

  • Our VACUPAC Brochure provides information on making an individual contribution. Download it here.
  • Check with your credit union about using payroll deduction to make contributions to VACUPAC. Many credit unions offer this option.
  • Contact your League's CeJae Vtipilson for assistance - 800.768.3344, ext. 1602 or cvtipilson@vacul.org

Your Contribution Matters

Laws and regulations govern our credit unions and how we serve our members. We need lawmakers who are willing to champion credit unions and are willing to support our mission!

VACUPAC contributions support lawmakers who:

  • Support pro-credit union legislation by voting on or introducing credit union bills
  • Serve on key committees that review legislation that affects credit unions
  • Advocate for a fair, flexible regulatory environment for credit
  • Work to defeat measures that would harm credit unions

Your Involvement Matters

Elected officials pay attention to their constituents, the people who can vote for them. That’s why in addition to contributing to VACUPAC, it’s also important to be involved in other forms of credit union advocacy, including:

  • Participating in Credit Union Day at the Virginia General Assembly
  • Attending the Annual Congressional Luncheon during CUNA’s Governmental Affairs Conference
  • Building relationships with your state and federal lawmakers
  • Volunteering your time by serving on political campaigns
  • TAKING ACTION when we need you to contact elected officials on behalf of credit unions
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