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Virginia Credit Union Political Action Committee (VACUPAC) Toolkit

The VACUPAC Fundraising Toolkit is an interactive document that makes it easy for VACUPAC Ambassadors to implement a fundraising program. Below you will find documents designed to support each step of this process. 

The first step is to get your leadership team on board. We've prepared talking points for you to make it easy. Use the VACUPAC brochure to help explain why it's important. Finally, make sure you get the Solicitation Agreement signed before you begin your program.

You'll also find these resources helpful!

VACUPAC Fundraising and Grassroots Guide

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Setting meaningful, attainable goals is quick and easy; and we will show you how.  We've suggested giving levels, based on the individual's position and the credit union's assets, and designed a goal setting worksheet for you to use.

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Allowing employees to give a little bit at a time works!  Set up your payroll deduction program in-house or use CUNA's CUTs program.  Either way, we've made it easy.

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We want to make fundraising fun and simple for you.  There's no need to worry about coming up with clever selling techniques or new fundraising initiatives - we've got you covered!

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You've got to measure your results!  Fundraising is never really over, it just needs to be freshened up every once in a while!

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