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White House Unveils Technical Standards Guidance in 'AI Bill of Rights'

Authored By: Lewis Wood on 10/4/2022

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy released an "AI Bill of Rights" white paper on Oct. 4 that provides guidance on developing technical standards and policies to reduce unintended harm caused by artificial intelligence or automated data-processing systems.

The 73-page document identified five key principles for AI or automated systems: ensuring the technology is safe and effective, preventing algorithmic-driven discrimination, safeguarding data privacy, and providing notice transparency and effective opt-out and reporting options.

For each principle, the white paper provided a set of technical recommendations as well as examples of how federal, state and local officials can take action on these matters under existing laws and policies. It also noted that some states and localities have opted to address these matters more specifically through their own legislative processes.

The American Data Privacy and Protection Act, a proposed federal omnibus privacy bill, would address some of the white paper's recommendations with new protections that block the discriminatory use of Americans' data and requirements for platforms to minimize the amount of user data collected for their products and services.

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