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Virginia League’s Hunt Eyes Evolution of CU System

Authored By: Lewis Wood on 8/4/2023

Source: Credit Union Times

Regarding the potential merger between CUNA and NAFCU, the Credit Union Times noted League President/CEO Carrie Hunt’s unique perspective given her current League leadership position and her previous role as a former NAFCU executive. For two years, Hunt has led the League after years inside NAFCU as the organization’s EVP of government affairs and general counsel.

Last Friday morning, CU Times spoke with Hunt about her view of the proposed merger as a former NAFCU leader.

“I long have thought that we [CUNA and NAFCU] needed to work better together,” Hunt said. “I strongly support collaboration to continue to either move the dial or push us forward in terms of credit union advocacy. And I think we can do that better together. I think that both CUNA and NAFCU have, you know, some of the same, but also some different strengths. So I think if we meld what’s the same for efficiencies and we take what’s best in both organizations, then we really will dramatically improve the results that we get for our advocacy because I think that is what we all really want.”

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