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Member Expulsion Rule on NCUA Board’s July 20 Agenda

Authored By: Lewis Wood on 7/17/2023

The NCUA Board will vote at its July 20 board meeting on a final credit union bylaws rule that updates the member expulsion process. The meeting will be streamed live on NCUA.gov starting at 10 a.m. 

The bylaws rule makes the changes necessary to implement the CUNA-League-led Credit Union Governance Modernization Act. Your League and CUNA supported the rule as proposed with some suggested changes.

"Your League was engaged with the agency on this rule throughout the comment process, starting even prior to the issuing of the proposal, knowing that our credit unions view this as a vital safety measure for members, staff and boards," said League President/CEO Carrie Hunt. "Credit unions understand that this authority should be used only in the most egregious cases. Sadly, the stories of violence and threats in these cases are common enough that the safety and security of credit union board members and staff must be addressed."  

Your League filed a comment letter on the rule, noting several key suggestions for improvement that were incorporated into the proposed rule, most notably a virtual option for hearings involving potential member expulsions.

The complete agenda for Thursday's Board meeting is:

  • 2023 Mid-session budget.
  • Final rule, Part 701, Appendix A, Federal credit union bylaws.

There will be no NCUA board meeting in August.

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