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Credit Union Youth Month Resources Available

Authored By: Lewis Wood on 2/16/2023

This April, celebrate the spirit of the credit union movement with younger members during National Credit Union Youth Month. During this industry-wide celebration, you can help plant the seeds of financial well-being. 

Here’s how some credit unions celebrate Youth Month: 

  • Contests and giveaways (coloring or writing contests)
  • Special incentives and promotions (for opening a new account) 
  • Financial literacy workshops for young members 
  • Special savings match programs for youth accounts 
  • Branch parties 

You and your credit union are part of a support system that can help kids understand the importance of saving and developing good financial habits. Together, let’s Unleash the Power of Saving at Your Credit Union™!

Free Youth Month Assets

Download here

Using the National Credit Union Youth Month logo or other artwork is a credit union-only benefit that shows the world that your credit union is committed to raising awareness about what it means for members around the world to have a credit union as their financial partner.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Downloading and/or using these logos or other artwork implies acceptance of the following conditions. Use of the National Credit Union Youth Month logo is reserved for credit unions only. It is expected that any credit union using the logo does so in an appropriate fashion, the logo is not modified, the design colors and aspect are retained and space around the logo is sufficient so as to prevent the logo from being construed as part of another graphic element. The logo remains the property of CUNA.

Any vendors or other organizations that participate in the credit union market are not allowed to use the National Credit Union Youth Month logo or other artwork without a license agreement.

Please reach out to Megan Crowson with any questions.

Thank you for helping celebrate our movement! 

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