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Could Credit Card Late Fees Drop to $10?

Authored By: Lewis Wood on 1/19/2023

Source: American Banker

Credit card late fees could drop dramatically under a proposal expected to be released soon by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Some analysts are predicting that late fees could be cut in half to as low as $15, while consumer advocates want the CFPB to reduce late fees to as low as $9 or make them proportional to the debt owed by a cardholder.

CFPB Director Rohit Chopra launched a broad assault last year on so-called junk fees, and has said he specifically wants to slash the $12 billion a year in late fees charged by credit card companies. The CFPB is expected to publish a notice of proposed rulemaking this month on late fees but analysts expect the proposal will be released in February.

"Our expectation is that the CFPB will lower credit card late fees through the rulemaking process to between $15 to $25, though there are some advocates that want fees to go as low as $9," said Ed Groshans, senior policy and research analyst at Compass Point Research & Trading. 

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