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New Personalized Financial Wellness Tool Kicks Off with $10,000 Debt Reduction Giveaway

Cara Clements
Vice President, Marketing & Financial Education
Call Federal Credit Union

Richmond, VA (September 8, 2020) – In line with its mission to improve the financial health and wellness of its membership, Call Federal Credit Union has partnered with Enrich, an industry leader in customizable financial education platforms, to launch the Money & Beyond Portal. This new online financial wellness center provides personalized learning experiences with interactive courses, budgeting tools, videos, and more. Users have the ability to set goals, track progress, and level up their financial skills and knowledge with current, relevant educational content.

To introduce this new tool to its members, Call Federal held a $10,000 “Summer Debt Meltdown” debt payoff giveaway. During July & August, members earned entry into the random drawing by signing-up for the Money & Beyond Portal and completing an introductory financial health check-up. An additional entry could be earned through the completion of a course on debt elimination and prevention. Member, Rashida Mitchell was our winner of the grand prize of $5,000, while five other members were selected to each take home $1,000 to pay down debt via the random drawing.

While the debt reduction giveaway has concluded, Call Federal is always available to help Richmonders tackle debt or whatever financial issues they may be facing. If you or someone you know is struggling to manage finances due to debt or COVID-related hardships, Call Federal has financial coaches at every branch location, as well as a team of Certified Credit Union Financial Counselors. These well-trained staff members are prepared to help those in need in an encouraging, non-judgmental manner and guide them towards the changes needed to get back on track with their financial goals.

Learn more  (Photos of our winners included!)

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