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League InfoSight Unveils New Technology for CU PolicyPro Users

Platform upgrades help credit unions manage compliance and operational challenges

Lansing, Mich. — April 30, 2021 — Today, League InfoSight announced it has transitioned more than 3,500 credit unions to a new technology platform with its CU PolicyPro product. In addition to enhanced usability and aesthetics, updates to the CU PolicyPro platform provide added functionality to help credit unions address comprehensive policy management more effectively and efficiently.

According to CEO Glory LeDu, League InfoSight has been working for more than a year developing its new CU PolicyPro platform, and many of the updates were driven by direct user feedback. In addition to more than 230 customizable model policies, new features streamline the process of finding, analyzing, modifying, printing and publishing policies.

Updates include:

  • Policy review assignment features
  • Reminders and alerts to help users regulate policy management
  • Enhanced user access enabling administrators to assign editing rights down to the policy level
  • The ability to upload, organize and assign rights to documents uploaded in the system

With no cap on users, the system has been designed to allow detailed customization to encourage and empower all employees and volunteers accessing the system.

“We are extremely pleased to launch this new technology for all of our credit unions,” said LeDu. “CU PolicyPro is a valuable tool and now the technology matches the strength of our content, with even more significant enhancements planned throughout the year. League InfoSight is committed to evolving our technology and keeping pace with credit union needs! This complete rebuild is a perfect example of that.”

Credit unions that are members of their League/Association should make sure to take advantage of CU PolicyPro. For more information on CU PolicyPro or League InfoSight, visit: LeagueInfoSight.com or contact your League/Association.


About League InfoSight

League InfoSight was created in 2003, the result of a multi-League effort to work collaboratively to provide the best possible compliance resources for member credit unions. The collaborative model is at the heart of League InfoSight and allows the expertise of League/Association partners and stakeholders to be leveraged to develop compliance best practices, evolve technology solutions and focus on content strength. For more information, visit LeagueInfoSight.com.

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