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Introducing CUaxis: A Core Community for Credit Unions

Cheryl Johnson, Cheryl Johnson PR
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Greensboro, N.C. (August 3, 2021) – Vizo Financial Corporate Credit Union is proud to introduce CUaxis, a community for credit unions that focuses on core processing, collaboration and the cooperative spirit. CUaxis is a place to enhance credit union connections to one another through a common core solution, making the movement’s values of cooperation and people helping people the central focus. 

In this endeavor, Vizo Financial is joined by other credit union organizations in providing a space for institutions to find the services, support, education and expertise they need for continued success. CUaxis is where core services, as well as other services, support and knowledge stand side by side. Professionals with years of experience lend a helping hand. There’s a never-ending outpouring of encouragement and inspiration to keep credit unions moving forward.

“Through building partnerships with fellow credit union organizations and the challenging events of the past year, we realized that developing true connections within our movement was more important than ever,” said Jaime Agostino, marketing and business development director of Vizo Financial. “So, we set out to create a community of collaboration among our core users, and we believe CUaxis embodies all the cooperative principles our movement is built on, while providing real-life solutions and assistance for credit unions.”

Credit unions are encouraged to join this unique community, where they will have access to all of the CUaxis core products/services, resources and solutions from our group of providers as part of the cuasterisk.com network.

These include:

  • A robust core solution plus additional services to supplement an institution’s product offerings
  • Information-sharing and discussion opportunities with fellow credit unions through core-focused blogs and community forums
  • Breaking news from our partners and credit unions
  • Avenues for networking, socializing and even more core news via social media platforms
  • Hands-on educational opportunities, including webinars, workshops and conferences.

In addition to the more tangible resources from CUaxis, credit unions can also enjoy other collaboration-driven advantages, such as time savings, service bundles, group-buy discounts, chances for growth and learning, support of their peers and a new perspective for the future. 

“It’s our hope that credit unions will find this to be a core community where they can each embrace their own uniqueness, but also leverage the undeniable strength that we possess as a cooperative movement,” said Rodney May, chief engagement officer of Vizo Financial. “By working together, credit unions can achieve greatness and maintain a powerful presence in our communities for generations to come thanks to a common core solution and CUaxis.”

To learn more about CUaxis, a core community for credit unions, please visit www.cuaxis.org


About Vizo Financial Corporate Credit Union
Vizo Financial Corporate Credit Union’s goal is to drive credit union success through proven EXCELLENCE, unmatched EXPERTISE and engaged PARTNERSHIPS. It is a state-chartered corporate credit union that serves CUSOs, leagues, chapters and more than 1,200 credit unions in the U.S. and Canada. Vizo Financial provides money management, payments, technology, risk management and people development solutions. The Corporate is proud to offer core solutions and help foster collaborative partnerships with other CUSOs in the rapidly-growing cuasterisk.com network. For more information, please visit www.vfccu.org.

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