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Event Name:Fiserv Credit Choice Webinar
Date:October 13, 2022 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Location:Virtual Event
Contact Name:David Deacon

Credit Choice from Fiserv enables your financial institution to offer credit cards that deliver high-touch, fully connected consumer experiences. Drive revenue, reduce expenses and improve consumer affinity by offering all the benefits of a premier branded credit card without assuming issuer-of-record expenses. Credit Choice allows credit unions to have a robust credit card program without assuming the liabilities of a full-service credit card program.

Fiserv has the products that can greatly contribute to that non-interest income growth while further elevating your card programs and your member’s experience. One of those include our CardHub product (included with Fiserv credit and/or debit programs) which provides members a single place to get, use and manage both their credit and debit cards. The solution allows members to control their cards, see spending and utilize their card in a more efficient manner. CardHub can be used with both a member’s debit card and credit card providing them with a one stop shop and a more convenient experience. CardHub truly is an invaluable tool for members and only increases brand loyalty to the Credit Union.

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