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Virginia's Credit Unions Offering Assistance to Federal Workers Affected By Shutdown

Virginia’s credit unions stand ready to aid federal workers facing financial hardship owed to the partial shutdown of the government.

Many credit unions now have formal assistance programs in place, but all credit unions are willing to help members affected by the shutdown. We strongly encourage you to reach out to your credit union for assistance.

“Many Virginia-based credit unions were founded by employees of the various federal agencies and continue, to this day, to serve the financial needs of thousands of federal workers and their families. We understand the financial hardships now faced by members affected by the shutdown,” said Virginia Credit Union League President Rick Pillow. “We’re proudly putting our ‘People Helping People’ philosophy to work by offering a variety of assistance programs for these members, including special no- and low-interest loans, payment deferrals, fee waivers and other accommodations. Our credit unions do extraordinary things every day to ensure the financial well-being of members and we encourage any credit union member affected by the shutdown to reach out to their credit union because every credit union stands ready to help.”

Listed here are some of the credit unions offering formal assistance programs for federal workers affected by the shutdown. This list is not complete, so please contact your credit union if it does not appear here. 

Credit Union Assistance Program
1st Advantage Federal Credit Union

(1) Skip-a-payment relief on existing loans

(2) Short-term 0% APR personal loans

ABNB Federal Credit Union Offering skip-a-payment fee waiver, one-time paycheck replacement loan at 0%
Agriculture Federal Credit Union Up to $6,000 line of credit at 0% for 60 days for members with direct deposit, personal loan deferral up to 45 days with flexible repayment terms up to 60 months
Apple Federal Credit Union Creditunionhas programs available to assist government employees affected by the shutdown, including 0% interest loans, up to a maximum of $5,000
CommonWealth One Federal Credit Union Offering up to $5,000 with no payment for 90-days, Skip-a-payment
Congressional Federal Credit Union Line-of-credit loan at 0% for 60-days, loan deferments, early withdrawal waivers 
Constellation Federal Credit Union

Furlough Loan

Option 1
- Low-interest rate of 3.00% APR*
- Must have a credit score of 600 or higher
- First payment deferred for 60 days
- Term not to exceed 12 months

Option 2

- 0% interest
- No credit score requirement
- Repayment due in 90 days

- Skip-a-Payment option on existing CFCU loans, with some exclusions
- Early withdrawal on Share Certificates: penalty will be waived.

Democracy Federal Credit Union 0% for 6 months, existing loan extension up to 90-days 
FedStar Federal Credit Union

(1) Short-term loans of the employee’s net salary at 1% APR

(2) Skipapayona current loan with no fees.

Hampton Roads Educators' Credit Union Working with members affected by the shutdown on a case-by-case basis. Contact the credit union for assistance.
InFirst Federal Credit Union Offering personal loans at 0% for 60 days with direct deposit, skip-a-payment fee waiver, additional individualized financial solutions
Justice Federal Credit Union

(1) Special Assistance Loans up to member’s net pay for one period, not to exceed $3,000, with rates as low as 3.19% APR for 24 months and payments deferred for 90 days. Note: Available to Members that are in good standing with the Credit Union. Six months of Membership required.

(2) Deferred loan payments on all existing Justice Federal personal, auto loan and VISA credit cards. Members requesting and qualifying for a Consumer Loan payment deferment may obtain a deferment up to 30 days. Based on the length of the Federal Government shutdown, members may request additional 30-day deferments.

(3) Mortgage assistance may be available.

Langley Federal Credit Union

(1) Skip-a-payment relief on existing loans.

(2) Certificate secured loans.

(3) Short-term, 0% personal loans

Member One Federal Credit Union Federal employees affected by the government shutdown should reach out to a Member One representative for information about how your credit union may be able to help alleviate the burden of your current financial situation. Please visit our personal loans page for more information or call us at 800.666.8811 and select option 4. 
NASA Federal Credit Union Offering up to $10,000 at 0% or 60 days, skip-a-payment fee waiver, additional financial solutions
Navy Federal Credit Union offering 0 percent APR loans to federal employees and active duty Coast Guard who have direct deposit accounts with the credit union, not including Defense Department employees whose pay is unaffected by the shutdown.
Northwest Federal Credit Union

Creditunion is offering a Furlough Relief line-of-credit to help you cover expenses. This special line of credit is available for up to $10,000 at an introductory 0% APR* for 90 days. After 90 days, it will convert to 7.00% APR for the life of the balance.

Here’s what you’ll need to secure a Furlough Relief line of credit:

  • Be or become a Northwest Federal member;
  • Provide loan officer with a copy of your paystub and furlough paperwork;
  • Set up loan payments via preauthorized transfer.
NSWC Federal Credit Union Offering early certificate withdrawals without penalties, waiving overdraft privilege fees, offering short-term loans to any member receiving direct deposit from the US Government affected by the shutdown, and hardship loan extensions.
Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed)

(1) Skip payment on consumer loans and lines of credit for January. 

(2) Furlough Loan Product- Members without direct deposit accounts who need paycheck replacements or other access to funds may be eligible for a furlough loan product, which is an unsecured, fixed-rate installment loan. It offers a 2 percent discount off of an approved applicant’s standard interest rate.

(3) Direct Deposit Assistance
Members with direct deposit into a PenFed deposit account may qualify for this program which offers a 0 percent advance on an overdraft line of credit.

(4) Skip payment may be possible on consumer loans and lines of credit. See credit union representative to discuss possible options on other loans. 

Peoples Advantage Federal Credit Union Skip-a-payment on loans and early withdrawals on CDs without penalty
State Department Federal Credit Union

(1) Emergency Visa Platinum Credit Card furlough loans at 0 percent interest for the first two months

(2) Delayed loan payments on a case-by-case basis

(3) Refunded late fees on loan payments

(4) Eliminating penalties for cashing in Share Certificates early in order to have access to the money sooner

(5) Refunded cash advance fees for Visa Platinum or Premium Cash Back+ credit cards when using an ATM

United States Senate Federal Credit Union  Personal loan at 0% for 3 months, additional individualized solutions 

Credit union efforts to aid workers began shortly after government funding lapsed in December, and continues as federal workers missed their first paycheck last week. Several media outlets have noted credit union efforts, including CNBC and Vox.

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