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Virginia League Introduces Bankable Fintech Partnership, Connects CUs to Fintech Solutions in Minutes

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Your League continues to meet the needs of member credit unions by collaborating with Bankable Fintech to launch a leading platform that transforms the fintech partnership process. We are in the first phase of the strategic rollout process, but Virginia credit unions can get a jumpstart or learning more about the platform during an upcoming webinar with an all-star lineup!

How does Bankable Fintech work? Offered as a dues-supported service to member credit unions, the platform automates the process of finding, evaluating, and buying FinTech/Vendor solutions with proven results, saving credit union executives both time and money. With the most comprehensive database of fintech providers, the software offers a detailed view of how technology products compare and fit your institution’s specific needs. Additionally…

  • It equips your team with a valuable time-saving tool, cutting research time from nine months to minutes
  • Identifies which vendors ‘plug-in’ to your current and future technology and processes.
  • Knows which early-stage partners are going to pass your risk and compliance review, allowing institutions to navigate regulatory compliance with confidence and security.
  • The system is completely unbiased with no preferred providers, advertisements, sponsorships, or ‘pay-to-play’ models.
  • Provides a clear value at scale as customers reap the rewards through better pricing, product features and service.

Learn why this Fintech platform is more relevant than ever!

On June 28 at 11:00 a.m., Bankable Fintech is hosting a virtual event with bite-size expert insights from a spectrum of regulatory, industry, and investing experts, including:

  • Rodney Hood, NCUA Board Member
  • Betsy Cohen, former CEO of The Bancorp Bank
  • John Flynn, Founder and CEO of Open Lending
  • Brian Kaas, President and Managing Director of CMFG Ventures

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When will Bankable Fintech be available for credit unions? Part of the strategic roll out process involves a small group of credit unions representing all asset sizes participating as beta testers, or super users. These credit unions will have 2-to-3 months to dive into the platform and provide feedback that may enhance the user experience. Once feedback has been collected, all member credit unions will have access.

Again, a more formal press release introducing the partnership will be distributed after the beta testing is complete. We hope the information provided in this update draws excitement and awareness to one of the most innovative solutions on the market. In the meantime, please contact your League's David Deacon at  ddeacon@vacul.org should you have any questions. 

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