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CUNA Mutual Group: Valued Partner Provides Essential Services, Information Resources In Helping Credit Unions Weather Pandemic

Credit Union Leaders,

We approach the end of a challenging year for our nation and for the credit union system. Nine months into the pandemic, we can look back at 2020 and appreciate, through the benefit of hindsight, how remarkably well credit unions handled an operational environment turned upside down.

Our members looked to us for support and we delivered! We strived to protect the health of our staffs and members, ramped up digital products and services, and found new ways to put into practice our “People Helping People” philosophy.

In times of crisis, it’s also important to know you’ve got partners ready, willing and able to lend a hand. CUNA Mutual Group stood with us as we adapted and adjusted to an evolving consumer landscape, where demand for digital offerings exploded. For example, CUNA Mutual’s consumer-focused solutions, like the TrueStage Insurance Program and AdvantEdge Analytics, can help you service and engage your members in what is an increasingly digital-first world.

With TruStage’s Digital Ecosystem online underwriting engine, credit unions can provide members the ease of access and peace of mind that comes with shopping for affordable insurance coverage, all through an online qualification process that can be completed within minutes. AdvantEdge Analytics can leverage credit union data to match specific solution offers to the members most likely to purchase them, creating a competitive market advantage that targets specific buying behaviors, streamlining marketing efforts and driving member loyalty.

In 2020, CUNA Mutual Group expanded its digital capabilities by acquiring CuneXus and ForeverCar. CuneXus provides financial institutions an all-in-one digital lending platform that offers consumers a quick, easy and personalized online and mobile lending experience. ForeverCar protects vehicle owners from expensive car repairs with Mechanical Repair Coverage (MRC) policies delivered through online channels.

From a League perspective, there is no partner on which we rely more for timely information and resources to aid our credit unions. It was CUNA Mutual Group that provided pandemic-related fraud alerts; webinars, training and education on risk management and human resource topics; and timely advice on operational issues.

In recent years, the system has been beset by legal challenges and threats on a host of issues. From frivolous lawsuits over alleged ADA violations on credit union websites, to legal challenges related to overdraft programs and collection letters, CUNA Mutual Group remains a critical resource and leader in identifying and responding to these issues. CUNA Mutual Group’s support, for example, aided your League in pursuit of our ADA litigation protection bill in 2019.

A trusted partner and a champion for the credit union system, CUNA Mutual Group’s commitment to the success of credit unions and system partners, like your League, is unequaled. Their support is ensuring our system can seize the opportunities and address the challenges facing us today … and tomorrow.

They’ve proved that in 2020, and I ask you to remember CUNA Mutual Group and your League’s Service Corporation as you plan for 2021 and beyond. Learn more by reaching League Service Corporation Vice President David Deacon at 800.768.3344, ext. 634 or ddeacon@vacul.org.


Rick Pillow
Virginia Credit Union League

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