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We are proud to partner with companies offering products and services that empower you to better serve your members. Through our partnerships, many service providers offer special pricing, passing the savings to your credit union.

TruStage Trusted by credit unions for over 85 years, TruStage works to understand your credit union’s needs and delivers value-focused solutions and resources. Services include insurance and protection for your credit union and members with both direct support and online access. TruStage also offers lending solutions and marketing programs for bottom-line impact, as well as employee benefits to recruit and retain high-performing employees.

Credit Union Service Company of Virginia Logo Addresses credit unions’ need for additional physical branches. Your credit union and others can join together and share their branches so members can conduct financial transactions where they live, work or travel. Credit Union Service Centers are linked with your credit union electronically, giving members access to their credit union accounts directly through the service center or its ATMs.

Fiserv Logo Offering the complete connection for all your credit union’s electronic funds transfer needs. Fiserv® is one of the largest and most technologically advanced providers of debit, credit and ATM services. They also offer a flexible rewards program to allow you to increase debit and credit activity, helping you to grow your revenue. Fiserv® works with credit unions of any size to offer highly effective, cost-efficient solutions and unparalleled service.

TR Group Logo The TRGroup is a collaboration of seven credit union leagues utilizing their collective strength to bring first-class products and services to credit unions. Professional development, cyber security, and negotiating volume pricing with vendors to help you save and better serve your members are priorities.

Credit Union Mortgage Logo Owned and operated by credit unions, CUMA boasts a 40-year track record of providing best-in-class mortgage-related services to credit unions of all asset sizes. CUMA services include origination, processing, underwriting, servicing, closing and secondary market access.   

CULIANCE Logo As the largest credit union-owned ATM/POS network, CULIANCE provides your members with access to thousands of credit union and retail ATM and POS terminals at major retailers and gas stations. By participating in the CU24 network, your cardholders will enjoy the convenience of surcharge-free and cash-back options. Maximize the availability of surcharge-free ATMs to your members by participating in the voluntary CU HERE Program.

My CU Services Logo Services to help you remain competitive in the crowded financial industry and boost your bottom line. MY CU Services Remote Image Capture allows you to send share draft deposits to MY CU as an electronic file for processing through three available programs: Remote Branch Capture, Remote Teller Capture, and Remote Merchant Capture. Also, consider joining the digital movement and take the hassle out of your payment processing through their secure automated system, Lockbox Services!

PDP Group Logo Manage your automobile titles and other documents electronically within the state of Virginia. SimplyELT© provides credit unions with electronic access to your titles without the involvement of lender or dealer personnel, DMV staff, or an auto buyer. Electronic services also eliminate fraud as the system reduces manual processing. SimplyELT.com

CUNA Strategic Services Provides credit unions with access to high-quality products, services and technologies delivered with a competitive advantage made possible through volume pricing and strategic program development. After listening to your needs and understanding the business challenges you face, CSS researches all possible solutions, interacting with many product manufacturers and service providers to determine the type of program best suited to assist your credit union.

LSC Logo A credit union-owned service organization offering a turnkey, web-based prepaid gift card program. ICUL Service Corp offers cards with the VISA logo, accepted at thousands of locations worldwide. Their prepaid card provides your credit union revenue and helps to strengthen relationships with your current members.

Cooperative Business Services Logo It’s simple. Cooperative Business Services (CBS) helps credit unions deliver exception-al financing options to businesses and commercial real estate investors. They have built a reputation for delivering the highest level of service and extremely competitive commercial financing to over 100 credit unions.

Bankable Fintech A member benefit for League-affiliated credit unions! Bankable Fintech built a way to transform a complicated technology services procurement process into a simple one--with powerful results for financial institutions regardless of their size, member base, or technology infrastructure. We call it Find-to-Buy, part of Bankable Fintech's proprietary Smart Sourcing and Procurement AI platform. Built by and for financial institutions like yours, it gets smarter and simpler every day through active cooperative engagement. Find-to-Buy transforms how financial institutions operate and serve."

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