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Meet the Committee

Ann Culley Crusenberry

Ann has been on the credit union scene for only four years but through hard work and a strong belief in “people helping people” she’s launched herself from Teller to MSR to Training Specialist at Bronco Federal Credit Union. As the Training Specialist she’s constantly learning new regulations, policies and technology that she condenses into understandable exercises, lessons and job-aids. Ann is constantly striving to teach her staff be knowledgeable, confident, and emphatic.

Ann has been a participant with Virginia Credit Union League for some time and has sought out many opportunities to grow the network of young credit union professionals in Virginia. She’s participated in the “Crashers” at the 2012 Annual Meeting and was selected as a VACUL Rising Star in 2013. She believes that the Young Professional Network is an opportunity to grow the credit union movement and ensure that credit unions have capable young talent for the future.

Richard Hayden

Richard, the Business Data Analyst for Virginia Credit Union, has been dedicated to serving credit union members for the past four years. From starting in the contact center as an Account Representative to his present role, Richard’s work is executed with the purpose of credit unions in mind, “solely in service to members.” His current role has him digging through databases, exploring web analytics, and piecing together who his credit union’s membership is, in order to better serve his members.

Richard has had the opportunity to discover, through collaboration with fellow young professionals, the educational, inspiring, and rewarding benefits that will ultimately become the hallmark of the Young Professionals Network (YPN). He looks forward to watching the YPN grow, as other young professionals add their knowledge, enthusiasm, and camaraderie to the network.

Amy McConnell

Amy, a seven year veteran of the financial services industry, is the Digital Marketing and Public Relations Manager at Belvoir Federal Credit Union. She’s constantly striving to improve her members’ experience online while meeting the needs of her credit union. Her day-to-day responsibilities range from overseeing strategic marketing elements to managing online systems and data analysis. All while she proudly functions as the voice of Belvoir’s public relations.

As a leader, Amy believes the Young Professionals Network offers a community for the young and innovative minds within Virginia’s credit unions to meet, collaborate, and kindle the credit union passion. Sharing ideas, expertise, and dedication, Amy can’t wait to see the members of the Young Professionals Network emerge as leaders in the credit union movement.

Anwarul Mir (Chair)

Anwarul has been a dedicated member of the credit union movement for seven years and currently serves as Henrico Credit Union’s Contact Center Manager. In the contact center, each day brings unique challenges and opportunities. Whether it’s coaching the team on how to cross-sell a new service or staying a little late to help the team answer the last few calls in queue, Anwarul finds that keeping his membership and staff at the forefront of his efforts ensures the challenges are met and the opportunities are seized.

Anwarul made his first appearance with Virginia Credit Union League as a participant in the Rising Stars Program and his contributions with that group set the foundation for the Young Professionals Network. He believes that young professionals from across Virginia are as passionate about the movement as he is and the YPN will allow them the opportunity to build strong working relationships and share valuable experiences that will benefit all Virginia credit unions.