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Implementing the New ACH Security Framework Requirements by Dec. 31, 2014

Date: May 20, 2014

Time: 3:00pm - 4:30pm

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

9:00 am – 10:30 am HST
12:00 pm – 1:30 pm PT
1:00 pm – 2:30 pm MT
2:00 pm – 3:30 pm CT
3:00 pm – 4:30 pm ET

Sophisticated threats from data breaches and other unscrupulous activities have brought to light how important it is to protect financial data used in the creation of an ACH payment. In September 2013, an amendment to the ACH Rulescreated a Security Framework designed to protect the security and integrity of ACH data. How does this impact your daily operations and 2014 audit and due diligence? Are you prepared to meet the minimum data security requirements? Begin your compliance preparations by determining how the ACH Rules requirements under the ACH Security Framework will impact your financial institution. Then identify the changes required to ensure compliance, including downstream implications to your members originating ACH payments. This webinar will take a close look at how the Rules affect daily ACH operations, agreements, and due diligence.

This course is eligible for 1.8 AAP credits.
Continuing Education: Attendance verification for CE credits upon request


  • Background and purpose of the Rules
  • Minimum data security obligations of ACH Network participants, including financial institutions, originating companies, and third-party processors
  • Identify required changes participants must make to ensure compliance
  • Potential impacts and downstream implications of required changes
  • How the Rules impact daily ACH operations, agreements, due diligence, and the 2014 ACH Audit
    • List of resources originating companies can use to help them identify sound business practices that can be employed to better secure ACH data
    • Employee training log
    • Quiz you can administer to measure staff learning and a separate answer key


This informative session is designed for ACH operations and audit/compliance staff.