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Small Credit Union Programs

Contact your League's Vice President of Strategic Services Michael Read, at 800.786.3344, ext. 612 or for information.

CUNA's Small Credit Union Resources

Learn how CUNA can be a resource to your credit union.  This area of their website offers information on regulatory and advocacy issues, networking opportunities, credit union statistics, and small credit union discounts and scholarships.  Learn more.

CUNA’s 2013 – 2014 Staff Salary Report

Click here for your FREE copy of the Staff Salary Report for CUs with less than $35 million in assets, compliments of your Virginia Credit Union League.

NCUA’s Office of Small Credit Union Initiatives (OSCUI)

The Office of Small Credit Union Initiatives (OSCUI) supports the success of small credit unions through training, consulting, grants and loans, and partnership opportunities. OSCUI recognizes the unique role small, low-income designated, and new credit unions play in the lives of their members and communities. They are committed to helping these credit unions not only survive, but thrive.  Learn more.