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Planning/Financial Management

Effective credit union leadership requires a sound understanding of strategic and financial management principles. Ask you League's consulting experts to assist in analyzing and planning for your credit union's success.

Contact your League's Debra Scott at 800.768.3344, ext. 614 or for information about the following services. 

Asset Liability Management Training

Gain knowledge of the intricacies of asset-liability management such as developing policies, assessing interest-rate risk and tracking your financial performance.

ACH Self Audit

Reduce your liability by managing your ACH Risk. You will learn about the criterion, along with the methods, procedures and requirements for you to conduct an ACH audit. For information click here.

BSA Independent Testing

Do you know the reporting and identity verification requirements of the Bank Secrecy Act? This compliance testing will help you become better prepared, fulfill regulatory requirements and thereby minimize the risk of loss. For information click here.


Seeking financial assistance with your budget? League consultants can help you with creating an analytical and effective decision-based budget to ensure the financial health of your credit union.

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

Maximize your productivity by creating a sound Business Continuity Plan in case of emergencies. You will obtain a step-by-step guide to Emergency Management Planning. This service will walk you through the steps of developing a plan that, when kept current, will work for your credit union and the regulators.

Business Plan Development

Forecast, and plan for growth, improved effectiveness and maximized returns. You need a plan to outline the objectives and strategies vital to the future growth of your credit union.

Charter FOM Changes

Are you converting your credit union from a Federal to State Charter? Your League will provide you with assistance and guidance for planning charter and field of membership changes.

Crisis Management/Consultation

What do you do when the unexpected happens – when faced with strenuous situations? Consult with your League to assist you with organizing and going forward.

E-Scan Overview

Obtain the TOP 10 Environmental Scan highlights from CUNA. You will gain knowledge of the general overview of the anticipated trends in the credit union industry and the potential impact they may have on your credit union.

Handling Regulators/Examiner's Findings

Need help resolving regulator and examiner’s findings? Get advice about handling a resolution and assistance with customizing sample policies and procedures to meet the requirements of the regulator.

Product Pricing

You understand the value of a dollar; therefore, you recognize the importance of the pricing decisions. Look to your League experts to understand how price impacts building, maintaining, and expanding member relationships, and how pricing impacts the financial condition of your credit union.

Strategic Planning/Financial Analysis

Stay abreast of economic developments and your member needs. Strategic planning, combined with apt decisions, will enable your credit union to provide real benefits for you members.

In-House Training for Volunteers/Staff 

Take care of your credit union's educational needs by advancing the leadership skills and knowledge of your volunteer officials and professional staff. Your volunteers and staff will learn from your League's skilled and experienced professionals. For information click here.