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Marketing & Business Development

If you are interested in honing your skills in credit union marketing or business development, your League has plenty of opportunities for you. 

Contact your League's Director of Marketing & Financial Education, Dawn Lindley, at 800.768.3344, ext. 617 or for information. 

Statewide Awareness Campaign

One thing that distinguishes credit unions from other financial institutions is our cooperative efforts.  United, we are stronger than each of us divided.  And because credit unions are not-for-profit cooperatives, we use our fellow credit unions to get the most for our advertising dollar.  Find out more on how you can stretch your advertising dollars in this cooperative statewide campaign that touts the benefits of credit unions. 

Network, Solve, Share Using ListServ

If you have something you would like to share or ask your credit union peers in Virginia, sign up for the Virginia-wide  Marketing and Business Development ListServ.  The ListServ is a League service for affiliated credit unions staff and volunteers.

CUNA’s Marketing and Business Development ListServ is a similar service that is open on a national basis. You can sign up for it here.

Marketing & Business Development Council

The Credit Union Marketing Council of Virginia works in partnership with your League to provide affordable quarterly workshops on marketing and business development.  Each workshop features top-notch speakers and panel sessions, and is guaranteed to provide you with useful information you can put to use right way.

  • Members of the Marketing and Business Development Council consist of representatives from every geographical region in Virginia.  Here is more information on who’s who.
  • Fall Conference 

Newsletter Exchange

Want to get some fresh ideas for your newsletter? Then sign up for our Newsletter Exchange. It works similar to a recipe swap – you send a copy of your newsletter to everyone in the exchange, and they send you theirs. It’s free! To participate, fill out the application here. Each quarter, we will send you an email with a link to a downloadable spreadsheet for printing your own labels. Or, if you would prefer to subscribe to printed stick-on labels for $30 a year, contact The printed labels are sent out each quarter as well. 

Newsletter Exchange Labels Spreadsheet