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League Public Relations

Contact your League's VP of Public Relations & Communications, Lewis Wood, at 800.768.3344, ext. 629 or  for information.


Part of your League's mission is to watch and monitor emerging and ongoing issues that affect our credit unions. We then evaluate that information and ensure credit unions are made aware of those issues and, if necessary, what we hope they will do in response. 

Assistance for Credit Unions

Your League's Public Relations Team is available to assist you in crisis communications, media relations and public relations.

Media Relations

Traditional media relations and maintaining a positive relationship with traditional media and the trade press is a key component of our public relations work. That involves fielding inquiries from reporters, researching topics being covered in news stories, and producing the League’s own news releases.

Social Responsibility

Another part of our public relations work is social responsibility. This involves promoting not only statewide charitable and community involvement work, primarily through the work of the League’s Community Involvement Committee, but also ensuring individual credit unions understand the importance of community involvement and the public relations value of our good works.

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