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In-House Training for Volunteers/Staff

Credit Unions rely on the leadership skills and knowledge of volunteer officials and professional staff members. To meet the educational needs of your credit union, your League provides a unique opportunity for your volunteers and staff to learn from our skilled and experienced consultants.

Contact your League's Debra Scott at 800.768.3344, ext. 614 or for information about the following services.

Board of Directors Duties & Responsibilities

This session aids the Board in understanding the delicate balance between management and board duties and responsibilities. Creating policy, providing CEO direction, and legal liabilities are among the topics explored.

BSA Training

Strengthen your compliance efforts by making BSA-related laws, rules, and regulations a chief initiative. You will explore the current issues in the examination process and the items your credit union needs to avoid regulatory problems. 

Member Service/Tellers Programs

Keep a competitive edge by ensuring your member service stands out. Look to your League experts to learn about the practices and skills necessary for success on your credit union’s frontline.

Preventing Check Fraud

Want to fortify your credit union against check fraud? Create awareness of check fraud issues by preparing your frontline employees for their role of helping to prevent/reduce check fraud losses in your credit union. An overview of Regulation CC is included in the session.


Equip yourself and your staff with this security program which discloses the attitudes and actions required to prevent losses and ensure employee safety during robbery, opening, closing, and bomb threats.

Supervisory Committee Duties & Responsibilities

Look to your League of experts to educate your credit union's Supervisory Committee of the on-going review and evaluation of issues such as internal controls, hiring outside auditors, conducting the Supervisory Committee audit, and presenting the audit report.

Understanding Financial Reports

Gain knowledge of the intricacies of your finances and what the numbers mean. By learning about basic asset/liability management, income statements and other financial reports, you will understand the methods necessary to achieve your credit union's financial objectives.

Customized Training Sessions

Do you want to tailor or customize a training session? Let us design a training program that will be specific for the needs of your credit union.

Planning/Financial Management

Effective credit union leadership requires a sound understanding of strategic and financial management principles. Ask your League's consulting experts to assist in analyzing and planning for your credit union's success. For information click here.