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Consulting Services

Put your members' needs at the center of your credit union while saving you money and generating business. Let your League's professionals provide you the support you need - wherever you need it - to add value to your member's services.

Contact your League's VP of Strategic Resources, Michael Read, at 800.768.3344, ext. 612 or for information.

Planning/Financial Management

Provide your credit union with a direction to ensure achievement. By building a plan laid in strategy you can accomplish your credit union's goals.

In-House Training for Volunteers/Staff

Enhancing the business of your credit union starts with your people. Allow your credit union to prosper by instilling skills and knowledge upon your people to guarantee enrichment.


Giving a helping hand comes natural to credit unions. Learn how to assist your members with effective lending practices while deterring competition.

Marketing & Business Development

Relations with members grows with effective communication. Knowing how to market your mission and business practices are vital to better serving your members, growing your credit union, and boosting your bottom line.   

League Public Relations

Your League works to promote the interest of credit unions and their member-owners in the media, in our schools and in our communities.

Small Credit Union Programs

Amplify your small credit union through the support of your League.