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Compliance Education/Training

One of the most difficult aspects of running a solid compliance program is finding good, affordable compliance education for your employees and volunteers.  Affiliated credit unions have access to the following cost-effective (and in some cases free) education and training opportunities: 

Education & Training Resources (League)

Compliance Conferences (Spring & Fall)

Your League’s compliance team organizes multi-day compliance conferences in the spring and fall each year. These conferences are designed to address your most pressing compliance issues under both federal law and Virginia law.  The upcoming compliance conferences include:

  • 2014 Spring Conference (2014 Apr. 30 - May 2)(Register)
  • Day 1
    • Marketing Regulatory Compliance - Jennifer Anderson, Policy Works 

      Marketing materials - brochures, direct mail, print ads, websites and email - are an ever-expanding portion of a credit union’s operations. Regulatory bodies have recognized this, and apply a variety of rules and regulations to them. This presentation will help you learn how to comply with various Federal laws and regulations, cover unfair, deceptive or abusive acts and practices. Attendees have the opportunity to submit a marketing piece* to be reviewed prior to the session.

       *Attendees must submit marketing piece (by April 21, 2014) to Jennifer - jennifera@policyworksllc.com and we will review the pieces compliance during the last part of our session. 

  • Day 2
    • Virginia Law on Non-Judicial Foreclosure - Webb King, Woods Rogers; John Prillaman, Woods Rogers

      Non-judicial foreclosures are heavily regulated and lenders must give special notices to the property-owner. This session will cover how to foreclose on a deed of trust in Virginia when a member’s mortgage goes unpaid. We will cover pre-foreclosure matters, required notices, advertising requirements, postponement of sale, day of sale, what happens when a member files bankruptcy, injunctions and trustee deed and other estate issues. 

    • Auto Loans Collections in Virginia - Eddie Whitlock, Lafayette, Ayers & Whitlock, PLC

      How to collect on an auto loan in Virginia (including doing a repossession). In this session we will cover from the first delinquency through the disposition of collateral including required notices and what you should do if the member files for bankruptcy.

    • Electronic Loan Documents & Signatures - Nathan Bowden, VACUL

      Credit union members are demanding the opportunity to apply for loans electronically. This session will cover the laws and regulations that you must be aware of in e-lending, including how things differ when you use e-documents, e-disclosures, and e-signatures in the lending process. 

    • Loan Collectability: Electronic Signatures & Documents - Eddie Whitlock, Lafayette, Ayers & Whitlock, PLC

      This session will share strategies your credit union could use to ensure contracts entered into electronically have the same protections they have when contracting the “brick and mortar” world. We will cover in this presentation practical examples of the procedures your credit union should have in place to ensure that your loan documents will be upheld in a Virginia court of law. 

  • Day 3
    • Bonuses, Gambling, Promotions & Sweepstakes - Nicholas Albu, Woods Rogers; Dan Summerlin, Woods Rogers

       We will share in this session the authority of marketing and promotion activities, Virginia’s Illegal Gambling Law, Truth in Savings Disclosures for Bonuses, and legal disclaimers in promotional advertising. We will also cover 1099 Tax reporting for promotions. 

    • Intellectual Property - Nathan Evans, Woods Rogers; Mike Hertz, Wood Rogers

      Join us for an overview of the different types and ways to protect your intellectual property including patents,  trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. We will touch upon IP provisions in contracts and explain the basics of licensing agreements. In this session we will, by way of anecdotes and highlights, focus on how credit unions can use IP as an asset and how you can defend against the assertion of IP rights against your credit union by “non-practicing” entities.

  • 2014 Fall Conference (2014 Oct. 8 - 10)(registration link available soon)

You can download materials from past compliance conferences here:

Free Compliance Webinars

Your League’s compliance team offers free compliance webinars designed to keep member credit unions updated on the most important emerging compliance issues.

Register for these webinars by emailing your League Compliance Team at compliance@vacul.org

The 2014 webinar schedule:

  • March 25 from 2:30-4:00 p.m., Compliance Hot Topics Webinar
  • August 26 from 2:30-4:00 p.m., Compliance Hot Topics Webinar
  • December 09 from 2:30-4:00 p.m., Compliance Hot Topics Webinar


CUBE TV Compliance Webinars

Member credit unions have access to free  compliance webinars through CUBE TV.  Most of the webinars relate to emerging compliance issues, and new webinars are added regularly.

Webinar Network Training 

Your League’s Education Department offers timely and reasonably priced webinars on a variety of subjects, including many compliance subjects.  A list of upcoming webinars can be found here.

Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) Training 

The BSA regulations require credit unions to provide annual training to all your employees and volunteers whose functions require knowledge of the BSA.  For most credit unions, this means that all employees and all board members fall within the training requirement.  Your League’s compliance team offers free  BSA training to employees and board members upon request.  The BSA training can be done either in a live presentation or an online webinar.

Customized Compliance Training

Your League’s compliance team can often provide customized compliance training to member credit unions in situations when other training opportunities are unaffordable or nonexistent.  A customized training session can be done either in a live presentation or an online webinar. 

Education & Training Resources (CUNA)

CUNA Training (Live & Online)

CUNA has a broad range of very cost-effective compliance training options, from weeklong compliance schools to hour-long courses on specific compliance subjects.  Check here for upcoming programs and here for recorded programs.

CUNA’s CPD Online 

Many affiliated credit unions take advantage of CUNA’s CPD Online to meet all of their training needs.  CPD Online has over 350 online courses that are available on demand, including a great many compliance offerings.  CPD Online offers a 30-day free trial and discount pricing for credit unions below a particular asset size. Check here for some of the available compliance programs.

CUNA Certification Program

Compliance officers and other dedicated compliance personnel should ideally, in addition to other training, obtain the Credit Union Compliance Expert (CUCE) certification by completing CUNA's RegTraC training program. That program is offered both in onsite and online formats, and more information about the program is available here.

Compliance Conference Fall 2013 Presentations

Our thanks to our presenters for kindly sharing their Fall Compliance Conference Presentations