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Staying in compliance is one of the most significant challenges for all credit unions, from the largest to the smallest. Your Virginia Credit Union League works together with the Credit Union National Association to offer you the most comprehensive compliance resources and assistance available. Through affiliation with your League, you have access to:

Online Compliance Manual

Research any compliance issue that you can imagine from wherever you are.

Tracking Compliance Changes

Learn about upcoming compliance changes well before they happen.

Compliance Hotline

Receive research assistance from your League's compliance team.

Employment Law Hotline

Get quick answers to HR-related issues by calling your League's dues-supported hotline.

Compliance Education/Training

Find free and reasonably priced compliance training for employees and volunteers.

Compliance Testing & Consulting

Learn about the affordable compliance audits that are available through your League.

News (CompliancePro Blog)

Follow the latest federal and state compliance issues on the League's CompliancePro Blog.

Spring Compliance Conference 2014 Presentations

Jun 4, 2014 by Lewis Wood

Spring Compliance Conference 2014 Presentations

CU PolicyPro

CU PolicyPro: Your Resource for More Than 200 Sample Policies


Want to take your policy manual to the next level?  Then get access to a cost-effective tool allowing you to build and maintain a policy manual that is well organized and easy to update.

About CU PolicyPro:

  • Contains comprehensive policies and procedures developed and written by experts for credit unions
  • Can be customized to each credit union’s needs. 
  • Lets you know when changing regulations require changes to your policies.  

To learn about PolicyPro, click here